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Why choose HubSpot as your marketing automation software?

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The marketing world is filled with a myriad of tools that promise to help your business, and there are some very promising ones among them, but there's a reason why HubSpot is the king (or queen) of inbound marketing.

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform with a special focus on inbound marketing methodology. Its high reputation and high performance precede it, and that's why it has become one of the most effective tools for implementing effective and profitable online marketing campaigns.

want to find out why you should choose this platform for your business? The reasons are endless, so stick around to find out.

HubSpot software: what it is and features

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps you attract visitors, convert leads and close customers for your business. The inbound marketing platform was launched in 2006 by HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah with a mission to make the world more inbound. That meant transforming the way businesses market and sell.

As HubSpot says, traditional marketing is broken and customers are taking control; hence the need to develop software for inbound marketing and sales. HubSpot turns your website into a magnet that attracts buyers. It focuses on the customer and puts their needs first.

HubSpot's automation software helps businesses automate all of their marketing tasks. This can include everything from automatically sending follow-up emails to new customers to managing marketing campaigns for certain segments of existing customers. Key features include:

  • A database of your leads and customers, with detailed information such as level of engagement, recent purchases and detailed sales and customer service history.
  • Tracking and email notifications
  • Tracking of leads as they move through the sales funnel
  • Meeting scheduling capabilities
  • Live chat support

Some advantages of HubSpot's marketing automation software

One of the main advantages of this software is that it saves time and effort for all small or large businesses that execute their tasks manually. Repetitive tasks are fulfilled with the conditions you set in the software platform, so you can focus on other tasks that require more work and resources or even free up staff to focus on other marketing efforts.

Thanks to this software, your relationship with your customers is completely transformed. You can improve your customer relationships by providing more personalised communications at the right time, according to your buyer persona or target audience.

HubSpot is designed to help your business perform better so you can grow better. Because it is carefully designed in-house, it offers some unique advantages:

  • Flexible: You can customise HubSpot to meet your business needs without adding complex and unnecessary elements - you can buy hubs together or individually and even use handy features like custom objects to use what works best for you.
  • Powerful: HubSpot combines powerful features in an easy-to-use software that you and your team will love. The user experience is very clear, it's easy to follow and the amount of information you'll find will help you improve your business strategy.
  • Cohesive: All hubs, tools and integrations connect seamlessly in HubSpot, providing a more cohesive experience that you can't get anywhere else. The level of alignment helps create more personalised and remarkable experiences to help your business grow.

Marketing automation software is a tool your business needs if you want to grow and bring success to your organisation. If that's not already clear to you, take a look at 5 reasons why you should choose HubSpot as your marketing automation software.

8 reasons why to choose HubSpot's automation software

  • Segment your target audience for you

Instead of having to manually separate your customers based on their needs and preferences, marketing automation allows you to automatically automate data segmentation by creating segments based on the stage of the sales cycle your customers are in at the time.

This segmentation process will allow you to more effectively reach the minds and hearts of your buyers, meaning your customers will receive messages with content that is truly tailored to their specific needs.

  • You can manage your time efficiently

You can create different marketing campaigns and schedule messages for a specific date and time, for example, you can create and schedule all your LinkedIn posts for a whole month.

  • Your lead nurturing strategies are more efficient

Connecting with each lead manually takes time, HubSpot's marketing automation solution will help you connect with them from the very beginning of their interaction with your company's activities.

For example, if a lead subscribes to your newsletter, you can immediately connect with them with a personalised welcome message and confirmation of their subscription, which will automatically arrive in their email inbox.

  • Monitor all your actions

HubSpot's software allows you to track every action taken on your lead database, as well as to obtain graphs, statistics and detailed data, which you can analyse later to optimise your future campaigns.

  • Optimise your resources

You will be able to manage your budget more efficiently. HubSpot's automation software allows you to maximise your resources, reducing the need to collect personal data and create and distribute messages to your contacts.

For example, a single member of your marketing team can run complex campaigns and connect with a large number of customers, unlike what would be possible manually for more personalised services.

  • Supporting your brand through email and social media

In addition to saving time and resources, you also have the option to extend your campaigns through various marketing channels, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As a result, your potential customers will become more familiar with your brand and will want to become customers.

Generally, strengthening your brand increases your company's visibility and attracts new customers.

  • Integrates with a CRM

When integrated with a CRM, HubSpot's marketing automation software will be instrumental in driving more conversions throughout the customer-centric cycle. As a result, you won't lose valuable leads and you'll have all the information you need to follow up with them at the right time.

  • Deliver omni-channel management

Due to the numerous channels through which consumers can be reached, keeping track of all of them is becoming increasingly difficult. This software allows you to influence your prospects through any channel.

You already know the reasons why you should incorporate HubSpot's marketing automation software into your business strategy, now we'd like to know what your final decision is.

In case you are interested and still undecided, you can request a consultation with Occam and we will answer all your questions.

thanks for reading us!

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