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When a client hires HubSpot's services, they are faced with a large project.
At Occam, we help you set up and launch your portal and assist you in creating
a customized plan to help you achieve all of your company's goals.
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HubSpot Onboarding
for Marketing and Sales

The HubSpot onboarding service is the process of setting up
your company on the HubSpot platform, connecting existing
CRM systems and processes, establishing strategic goals
and metrics, creating brand templates, and implementing
automation flows and tracking tools to get your inbound
marketing strategies off to a stellar start.

We will develop a customized plan based on 4 key aspects:

  1. hubspot-icon

    The main goals
    you want to achieve
    with HubSpot

  2. enterprise-icon

    The size and
    complexity of your

  3. icono

    The HubSpot
    products you have

  4. hubspot-cronologia-icon

    The technology you have
    and how it integrates
    with HubSpot

Onboarding Marketing

Receive technical and strategic advice so
you can learn how to set up and use Marketing Hub.

  1. Here you will understand the basics and how HubSpot tools work.
  2. We will guide you through all the processes of lead acquisition and conversion.
  3. We will help you design lead interaction flows and nurture them.
  4. Develop workflows and automate all your marketing tasks.

Onboarding Sales

Simplify and adapt your sales processes
to close more business.

  1. Here you will receive a series of technical tips and practical suggestions for setting up and using Sales Hub.
  2. Connect with your prospects according to their preferences with tools such as live chat or email.
  3. Automate your sales processes to execute your daily goals more efficiently.
  4. Personalize your outreach on a large scale with personalized videos and tools that optimize communication with your prospects.

HubSpot Integrations

Would you rather combine HubSpot with other platforms you already use?


A HubSpot integration consists of adding functionality from another software or application to the HubSpot platform. These integrations allow an organization's data to pass from external/internal systems to a single software; being able to manage all that information for future tasks from a single place and with all the advantages of the different applications you use in your organization.

At Occam we connect your favorite tools with HubSpot:



... and many more.

Combine the functionalities of two apps in one.

Whichever one you choose, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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HubSpot Implementation

We help you with the initial HubSpot setup process.

Advantages of HubSpot implementation with Occam.

  1. We have the experience

    We have been working for more than
    5 years on HubSpot implementations.
  2. We help align your company's departments.

    We are users of the enterprise version in 360 strategies, integrating marketing, sales and service.
  3. We facilitate the implementation process

    We offer customized training according to your teams and knowledge of the suite.
  4. We accompany you in the initial configuration process

    We are your partner throughout the entire process: from your first steps within the platform until you are fully integrated as a HubSpot user.
  5. We customize the CRM to your liking

    We offer a complete customization of the CRM, creating custom cards with the information you need to see.

Web development y design

Create a website aligned with your branding and business needs thanks to HubSpot CMS.

Your website is the most precious object of your business and the letter of introduction of your company. You need to make sure it meets all the requirements and advantages that make a website attractive and, above all, catch the attention of potential customers.

Why choose HubSpot CMS?

There are endless tools you can explore with a HubSpot specialist. Forget about setting them up manually, that's a thing of the past. We take care of the whole process, from the homepage, to selecting the template that moves you the most. We edit the corresponding modules, create as many pages as you need and include your brand's networks.

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Hubspot CMS, Why?

  • Collaboration between departments.
  • Integration of all your sales and marketing needs.
  • Works under the principles of the inbound methodology.
  • Customers receive a seamless, frictionless experience.
  • Simple and effective communications.
  • Scalability and support throughout the business stages.
  • Creation, publication and monitoring of blog posts.
  • Access to analytics and statistics.
  • Private code, robust against vulnerability attacks.
  • Cloud system, your website online regardless of the volume of traffic, and without incurring additional costs!
  • No need to upgrade. Get the latest features on HubSpot from the day they are published.
  • Optimized code for fast loading.

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