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We are your Blockchain development company


At Occam we like to get fully into new technologies with which to change the world.
Therefore, we decided to specialize in blockchain technology, or blockchain.

Originally devised for the development of digital currencies, cryptocurrencies,
This technology has a myriad of potential uses that make it unique.

Occam is your blockchain development company

Blockchain Consulting: We advise you on how you should develop your project using blockchain technology since there are different ways to carry out a project of this type and it is important to correctly choose the technology or the blockchain on which we are going to work to avoid large costs of maintenance in the future and achieve good performance.

Smart Contract Development: Thanks to our team we can carry out the development of smart contracts and make deployments in any public blockchain such as the Ethereum blockchain or on the Binance blockchain (Binance Smart Chain).

DAPP development: We can develop applications that use blockchain technology by choosing if we want the platform or the application to work centrally like Bit2me or Binance or 100% decentralized like Uniswap.

We are experts in the development of cryptocurrencies and tokens (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, etc). We can also do the deployment in the event that it is a token on any blockchain.

Legal advice: Thanks to our expertise in the blockchain world, we can give legal advice and connect you with the right people if you want to launch an ICO in Spain.

How does BlockChain technology work?

Although it sounds complex, blockchain technology is based on a very simple principle, the transfer of information
from point A to point B in an automated and secure way. A transaction that also does not involve any cost.

In a centralized system, the data is visible only to administrators making it opaque.
Something inappropriate for users / buyers.

Blockchain technology is the best solution in this scenario. A decentralized system that exists between all parties involved, allows visibility of authenticated transactions and saves time and conflicts
in the absence of a central authority that monopolizes power.

This helps all organizations to be transparent with their potential customers.
and to do business with complete confidence and security when decentralized data is found.

Smart Contracts also come hand in hand with blockchain technology
that allow the exchange of goods and services with total transparency and without conflicts. Always by consensus.

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Why choose Occam as your blockchain development company

At Occam we understand the blockchain as another digital tool that makes your life easier. A tool for marketing and managing your business.

Our developers will help you design your own blockchain ecosystem, a cryptocurrency, smart contracts, wallets, the POE, your dApp (or application that uses blockchain technology in some of its parts), etc.

Do you have a blockchain project? We listen to you. We design architecture with you, develop it and launch it on the market so that your idea becomes a reality.


Let's talk about your blockchain development

Happy to help you! Leave us your information and we will call you in 24 / 48H.

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