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HubSpot CRM, how does it work?

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This week we're going all out. Lose the fear of learning about or investing in services that can change the course of your company and learn how HubSpot CRM works. Is there a better way to start the year than leaving behind everything that no longer contributes? What if turning the page of the calendar meant setting new goals? Have you read that HubSpot is the co-founder of the Inbound methodology?

It was born in 2004, when Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan realised that the way people shop was changing. Consumers no longer responded optimistically to intrusive advertising. In fact, they had learned to ignore it.

The Inbound movement was born with the idea of making customers fall in love in order to attract them naturally and not interrupt or chase them. Now, your company has the power to stop annoying users so that they fix their attention on you. Contradictory? Of course not. Marketing, like love, involves relationships, a true love based on trust, respect and satisfaction.

But what does HubSpot CRM have to do with it?

The DO's and DON'Ts of HubSpot CRM

Don't confuse it with CMS or content management system, and much less with ERP. Although they all fulfil a vital mission in the management of companies, each one has its own mother and father. The former will help you manage the content and structure of a website. The latter is a planning software, inventory management, sales, payroll, etc. And CRM focuses on the customer, in such a way that it manages a company's contacts.

To keep you on track, HubSpot CRM is an easy-to-use sales platform that provides the team with the tools and data needed to adapt to the current buying process. It is the backbone of the platform, since it houses the database of contacts that can be leads and customers. The CRM is the place to organise and store explicit information - obtained from emails, calls or forms - or implicit, through their interactions. And from there, create filters and lists to implement customised actions.

What HubSpot CRM allows you to do:

  • Create contact and business records.
  • Segment records by configuring customisable business and contact views.
  • See where each opportunity or leadis in the sales process in real time.
  • Business monitoring and reporting dashboard.
  • Record detailed customer or companyinformation.
  • Manage the sales pipeline.
  • Track emails and notifications.
  • Schedule meetings or chat live.

did you know that connecting with your prospects has never been easier?

Much more than contact management

If you think that HubSpot's CRM is only for managing your contacts, you'd be very wrong. What's more, in addition to being free, it has tools for the whole team, as the company itself has revealed:

"It's easy to use. You'll never have to manually update reports or wonder about your team's performance again. You'll be able to focus on what really matters.

You can start at the beginning with free features and work your way up as your business grows. As a HubSpot partner agency, at Occam Digital Agency we offer Inbound services to help empower brands and grow their customers. We are Platinum certified.

If you are thinking of taking the leap into the Inbound universe to grow your business, having a professional HubSpot partner, with extensive experience and experience, will bring you numerous advantages:

  • Personalised consultancy.
  • Customised content creation.
  • Professional web design and development.
  • Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.
  • Effective communication.
  • Assured results.

Thanks to HubSpot's CRM software, you will have the necessary information and tools that your business needs to adapt to the sales process that today's users follow.

The customer at the centre of the strategy

do you know of any company whose customer is not one of its most important assets? Surely not. However, it happens that the sales area does not know the current challenges and objectives of its customers, which makes it difficult to follow up on contacts and the arrival of new sales opportunities. In short, it needs to know the context of the potential customer it is addressing, their problems, needs and concerns. How they behave, what their interests are and where they seek information. And this data will increase as the business grows, there will come a time when it will need to document, store and organise all this information.

And that's one of the big challenges you can tackle with CRM, because it's the ideal way to make smart use of your prospects' and potential customers' data.

Usually, when a company uses this tool for the first time, it encounters two drawbacks: the complexity of its operation, which requires a great effort from the sales team, and the lack of knowledge of the customer's interaction with the brand when visiting its pages. The solution? Knowing how HubSpot CRM works.

These problems will disappear, information will appear organised, every interaction counts, whether it's a phone call, social media or website.

what are you waiting for to organise your contact information and make the most of it?

HubSpot CRM, what's our conclusion?

Simply, intuitive, easy to use and agile in the relationship between companies and prospects and in sales management.

It connects, because it allows you to integrate your website and social networks and connect them right away to create and publish content, as well as track interactions.

It's organised. It segments and organises contact information like no other tool. Everything you need to create efficient work.

It's free, even if you stop paying the bill. Why pay for a CRM when you can have one for free?

It allows you to follow the contact at every stage of their buying journey, but without chasing them.

It's easy to use. Goodbye to implementation problems and welcome to the effectiveness of the buying process.

And there are no limits to personalisation- that's what contextual marketing is all about.

More than 75% of companies don't have processes in place to take care of sales opportunities, CRM does it for them. And they increase sales productivity when they use it. The data doesn't lie. Do you already know how HubSpot CRM works?

start using it for free and with an agency specialised in Inbound methodology!

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