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what to post on each social network when you want to boost your business?

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In digital marketing, social networks play a key role in strategies. What is known as social media marketing refers to the actions carried out through these platforms to generate new business opportunities and increase the reach of the brand. They are the communication channels most used by people and remain in continuous evolution. The uses that society gives to social networks range from interaction with their inner circle to the search for relevant information. Therefore, it is advisable that companies adhere to this communication format and manage to be present with a professional profile.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know what content to generate in order to have an impact on the audience. Each social network has its own peculiarities, formats and languages. This has its positive aspect as it allows segmenting the target audience and adapting the information to the target. To achieve this, it is advisable to carry out an audit on social networks and to know the efficiency of a specific marketing campaign. The techniques used to position oneself on social networks allow spreading the brand and guaranteeing an optimal sales process. Due to the intrinsic everyday nature of these communication platforms, the presence of the brand on them allows humanising it and providing proximity to the users.

what are social networks useful for a business?

  • To improve communication with leads and customers.
  • To provide a customer service channel.
  • Recruit new talent from professional social networks (LinkedIn).
  • To optimise brand positioning.
  • Promote products and/or services.

Keys to use social networks in your business

Decide which social networks you want to be present on

The first step to promote the brand through social networks is to choose which one or ones your business should be present on. Each platform has its own characteristics and can offer certain benefits. Based on the objectives of the marketing strategy and the target audience, the actions will be focused on one or the other. For this, an analysis of trends and behaviours must be carried out. After this, the social profiles that best match the company are selected.

Adapt the content strategy

The objective of using social networks is to ensure that users are directed to your website. Therefore, optimising the content strategy for each social network will guarantee that followers will be recommended to your products and services. Establishing a frequency of publications and providing them with value will lead to an increase in positive ratings and, therefore, the trust of customers in your brand.

Know your competition

Performing a competitor analysis will help you to differentiate your social media content and find out what works for the platform's audience.que publicar en cada red social

Gaining visibility

In order to have a presence on social networks, you must constantly make publications. The public must recognise the brand quickly and know that they can turn to it. In addition, a high number of followers and interactions will ensure trust among users. Generate content in different formats, for example, videos; it will bring variety to your profile and will be more attractive to customers.

Incorporate advertising

One option to drive traffic to your website is to invest in socialmedia advertising . Your brand's products can be promoted through ads that appeal to your audience.

Use influencer marketing

Influencers are the key to social media. Depending on their fame, they have a certain number of followers and therefore their cache varies. Working with influencers ensures traffic to a website from members of their community.

what to post on each social network to boost your brand?


According to Statista, Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Therefore, it is worth having a presence on this platform. As it is created to encourage social and leisure interactions, it can be difficult to know what marketing actions to use. There are high success rates among companies that target the end customer or B2C. In particular, those related to leisure activities such as travel businesses, restaurants or online shops. Facebook for businesses can bring the following benefits:

  • Customer loyalty.
  • Client-company communication channel.
  • Capture of leads.
  • Strengthen brand image.
  • Create a community of followers.
  • Launch promotions.

The following content works in this social network:

  • Audiovisual: Publish infographics, insert links or upload videos directly.
  • Texts or notes: Create surveys or written content of value.
  • External applications: Link publications from other social networks such as Instagram or YouTube.
  • Promotions: Publish offers from marketing campaigns.
  • Events: Inform about events in which your brand will participate.

que publicar en cada red social


This social network is the most used among users between 15 and 35 years old. It is common on this platform to organise content by categories and to give a certain frequency to your publications. The most consumed content on professional Instagram profiles is:

  • Photographs: The main engagement on Instagram is photographs. They are part of your corporate image and the application allows you to consume them quickly. Uploading images of your products or images related to the brand's values will boost user interaction.
  • Videos: Through the Instagram Stories or Reels tools, you can make tutorials, question and answer rounds, recommendations or entertaining videos for your community.
  • Interactions: Reposting content from other brands or like-minded customers will increase the sense of community and trust in your business.
  • Phrases and testimonials: On Instagram it is a trend to share inspirational phrases, celebrities or brand slogans. They will give your business personality and promote the comments and posts shared. Testimonials from users who have used your product or service will clear the doubts of potential customers.
  • Experiences: Showing the experiences that users can live as consumers of your brand or anecdotes from day-to-day life in the office will humanise your business. Decathlon masters this marketing technique.

que publicar en cada red social


The peculiarity of Twitter is to offer information in real time. It is a source of news that competes directly with traditional media. The businesses that should use it are those that target the final public. Thus, the most influential are those dedicated to the communication, political, sports or technological sector. The recommended publications for this social network are:

  • Images: Visual content is easier for users to consume and it is advisable to share relevant and colourful images.
  • Infographics: Infographics allow the content of a long article to be reduced to a schematic image. They are usually shared more frequently than links to corporate blog articles.

que publicar en cada red social

  • Videos: A video is more widely consumed than, for example, a GIF. On Twitter, they can be used to respond to tweets, make live videos or post announcements.
  • Guides or lists: Twitter threads can be used to create educational or interesting guides for your followers, as well as lists of specialised content.
  • Making of: To humanise the brand, show the process of creating a product or the making of a corporate video. Showing the audience the most personal aspect of your business will increase their trust in your services.
  • Quotes: Quotes or inspirational phrases have a high rate of retweets and can be shown in written form or visually through an image.
  • Questions: The immediacy of Twitter makes it easy for users to respond and they tend to interact in conversations on the social network. Asking questions to your followers for their opinion on a specific topic will open a communication channel between the customer and the company that will guarantee their interaction.


This social network has many competitors, but it is a good option to promote ecommerce. It serves to sell to the end customer and is easily indexed in Google. It specialises in events such as weddings or birthdays, home decoration and fashion. The content that works on Pinterest is images, i.e. photographs of the product on offer or infographics specialising in an educational field.


This is the platform most consumed by Generation Z. As well as offering entertainment videos, it works as an information search engine. For this reason, it is advisable to be present as a company on this social network. The key to success is to go viral with a curious product to which profiles with high influence react. Brands can make themselves known by creating the following content:

  • Joining challenges or hashtags: Keeping your profile updated with new viral hashtags or challenges will ensure traffic to your website and brand recognition within the application.
  • Tutorials: The company will be able to show how to use its product through specialised tutorials.
  • Presentations: It is important for the customer to get to know the company's team in order to trust them, so individual presentations will help to gain their interaction.
  • Product testing: Testing a product live shows the customer how it works. For example, a home furniture company could make a video showing the arrival of the product, its assembly and subsequent incorporation into the home.
  • Making of: Showing users the creation of the product will bring humanity to the brand and transmit confidence among your followers.
  • Storytelling: Sharing your own anecdotes, curious stories or real facts will capture the audience's attention.


Its peculiarity is to have the largest flow of videos worldwide. It works in businesses specialising in B2B or B2C. Its main benefit for companies is to show video tutorials or demonstrations of their products and services. It also gives the option of making explanations about the products or technicalities of the sector. Some ideas for creating content on Youtube are:

  • Vlogs.
  • Tutorials.
  • Reports.
  • Interviews.
  • Promotions.


It is the professional social network par excellence. It has certain peculiarities for B2B companies. It serves to make new contacts related to the labour sector and find work. It also serves to offer it from a professional profile. It triumphs among companies related to the financial, scientific, technological and marketing sector. It is advisable to publish valuable content in the timeline, groups, company page, private messages or comments on other publications. The content that should be published on LinkedIn is:

  • Images: Photographs or infographics that show the essence of your brand and its professionalism.
  • Videos: They can be made by the company or shared from related brands. They must provide quality content.
  • Questions: Asking a question to your followers will increase the chances of them interacting with the brand from the main panel. Interactive polls can have the same effect. They will also give you more information about your target audience.

que publicar en cada red social

  • Reacting to other content: Sharing, commenting or recommending other people's content will increase traffic to your professional profile.
  • Texts: LinkedIn offers the opportunity to write articles from within the platform itself, and the publication of inspirational phrases, reflections or updates can also arouse interest among users.
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