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do you want to start a blog in 2022? Don't miss out on our tips

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Nowadays, every self-respecting company has a blog in which it offers content related to its business activity. Blogs are an essential tool for a good content marketing strategy and the positioning of your website in search engines.

There are many platforms that offer you the possibility to create a blog, but not all of them have the same reputation and will help you to achieve your goals for 2022. Nowadays, creating a professional blog is very profitable, and its success will reside mainly in the importance you want to give to this platform to publish your contents.

do you love to write and want to blog? Do you feel that your company needs to include a blog on your website? Whether for business or personal purposes, if you want to create a blog, here we are going to explain how to do it and some tips that will help you in this experience.

Types of blogs

Blog is short for weblog and is a platform within a website where articles or posts are uploaded and updated regularly. Depending on your capabilities and how far you want to take your blog, there are two types:

  • Free blogs: You don't need to spend money on a hosting because they are free. The most used free hostings are Blogger, Wix or If your intention is just to write as a hobby and you don't want to get income from it, then this is the perfect option for you. However, if you want it for commercial purposes, this kind of blogs don't have the best designs and appearing among the first positions in Google is practically impossible.
  • Paid blogs: A professional blog will bring you a lot of advantages. It offers a multitude of designs and functionalities for the creation of a website. You hire your own domain and a hosting where you can host your blog. In addition, the price is quite profitable, as in most cases it is around 80€ per year. Considering all the possibilities of income that this type of blog offers, this price is nothing. This type of blogs are more commonly used by companies or people who use the website as a means of income.

The most commonly used platform for hosting this type of blog is, which is the paid version of This hosting is highly recommended for a good marketing strategy.



If you are still hesitating and do not know whether to create a blog, a list of the benefits it can bring you can help you to take the final step.

  • It is an excellent marketing strategy, as it can position your website among the first results of Google search engines, and it will also give visibility to the company's website.
  • It redirects users to the company's website, and with it they access the different products and services of the company. It is a perfect tool to gain potential customers.
  • You improve the relationship with your customers. A blog gives value to your customers, as it offers them information about all the contents of the company that helps them to make the most of their purchase.
  • Blog posts can facilitate the completion of a customer's buyer journey. A well-crafted blog post can be an incentive for a customer's final purchase.
  • The company can position itself as the informational authority brand in its niche if it regularly publishes content on its blog.
  • If you are patient and have a regular active participation in your blog, you can generate revenue, either through advertising or visits to the platform.

Tips for creating a blog

What do I need to know to create a blog? We are going to guide you step by step to know how to create a blog in the right way.

  1. Be clear about the idea

Before doing anything, you must be very clear about your intention with the creation of the blog and what content you want to publish on the platform. You can't get ahead of other steps without being clear about what your blog is going to be about.

Once you have defined your objectives, you can establish a general strategy to determine what type of content you want to upload to the blog, the regularity with which you are going to upload it, your distribution channels, ... Think that it has to include all the characteristics of the SMART objectives.

  1. Define the platform

In this section, you must be clear about what hosting you are going to use to host your blog. We have already recommended that the most convenient way to obtain income is to buy your own domain and a paid hosting such as

Consider different options, but always bearing in mind that the one you choose should offer attractive and eye-catching designs, and different functionalities that do not limit you when creating and publishing content.

  1. Choosing a design

This is the part we all like the most, isn't it?

Choosing the web design is a decisive step, because it is the way in which you are going to offer your contents. It is the showcase that will expose all your publications to Internet users. It is very important that the design has a relationship with the theme you have chosen for your blog, because this section will be the one that will define your brand image.

The design should be clear and simple, with a touch of colour that appeals to the Internet user. It should be easy to read at all times, and web usability should include simple and predictable navigation.

  1. Writing the blog content

This is the step on which the success of your blog will depend. Your value proposition must be different from others, and offer new content that brings value to the user who is reading it.

We know that this is not an easy task, as nowadays there are an infinite number of blogs on different topics, and it is difficult to stand out among them all. The key is to research, question and analyse all the topics you want to publish on your blog. Pay close attention to your competitors and other types of blogs to see how they prepare their content. This can help you to know what you should not do, or in which aspects you should improve.

Including keywords in all your posts is a way to improve your blog's search engine ranking, and you can drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Promote and distribute your blog content

This step is essential for your content to reach all kinds of people. Through the different distribution channels, you must distribute all the contents of your blog

The main platforms through which you can share your blog posts are social networks, email marketing or even influencers to promote your website.

It is important to be aware that at first it will be very difficult to get results, but with perseverance and patience you can achieve all your goals.

Now that you know all this, it's time to get down to work and create your own blog. Knowing all the advantages you can get with it, and how easy it is to create a blog nowadays, you should not hesitate and take the final step. We hope this post has helped you decide!

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