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what role do apps play in our society?

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Improvement is the only certainty about the immediate future, and humanity has been able to take important, regular and orderly steps to prepare for this priority objective. It has done so thanks to technological advances, transformational changes, the generation of new needs, and the irreplaceable role of the human being in decision-making.

Within this framework we can situate mobile applications, a phenomenon that is currently on the rise. Their scenario of action resides in smartphones and tablets and they have the flexibility to give them different uses, all depending on their functionality. Although it may seem illogical, to download any application we need an internet connection. However, once installed on our device, some allow it to function without the need to be connected.

There are informative, organisational, gaming, educational, health, sports... We could go on mentioning different types of apps and we would never finish. The fact is that their advantages have made this revolutionary phenomenon a perfect opportunity for improvement.

how have they changed our daily lives and what have they meant for society?

We tell you about it.

A Spirit Called Operating System

Although at first glance applications may appear to be simple tools, the truth is that they hide a great deal of work behind them. Day after day, numerous methods have been discovered to make them easier and more versatile in their use. Devices have given us the opportunity to take advantage of them, but the way they work depends on the type of software that accompanies them.

This is the spirit that gives life to mobile applications, an operating system that "serves as a link and translator between the user and the electronic part of the machine, allowing the user to do what he or she wants". Mobile applications are already part of our lives because they allow us to perform functions as specific as communicating with a friend.

The operating system is the heart and soul of mobile devices, which manages all the other programmes on the device. It is fundamental to the development of mobile applications because its operation depends on it. The process of software development is not an easy task, as it consists of creating a structure

who among you has not used WhatsApp at some point? This can be a clear example of its use and inclusion in our daily lives. WhatsApp falls and the world echoes this phenomenon. However, in this post we are not so much interested in the fact as such, but in the consequences and effects of mobile applications in our society.

what have apps meant for our daily lives?

A few years ago I read a book called Superficial, very similar to what I am telling you. Its author, Nicholas Carr, asked 'what's going on'. He addressed the arrival of the internet and the multiple utilities granted by society in its daily life, as well as the effects it was causing. The use of mobile applications is part of this chain of opportunities. So, going back to the beginning, in this section I will answer the question posed by the author.

today, more than ever, technology has become an essential part of our lives. We depend on it in countless actions, it is renewed every day, and people only have the option of learning how to handle it in order to include it in our routine. Mobile applications are a clear example of this and their development has marked a before and after in the way we understand mobile phones.

Everything starts with an idea, and everything can become a reality. It is enough to take a look at the number of applications on the market, and even those that are already part of companies. The development of applications for customers is an increasingly widespread task, as it is enough to take a look at the applications of financial institutions or clothing shops.

what would your dream app look like?

If you have a clear answer to this question, it's a good sign. You have the main ingredient you need to develop an app: the idea. It was probably born out of a need or a problem you need to solve. That's how they were all born, but how much does it cost to create it? How do you develop it?

You may have a myriad of questions in your mind, because mobile application development, as we told you at the beginning, hides a universe behind it. Planning, design and implementation are the phases that are the protagonists of this process, and in each of them lie the notions of development.

how far are you willing to go? What have apps meant in your daily life?

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