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Get the most out of your corporate event with video

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how many times have we told you that video, in all its forms, is brutal for companies? In this article you will discover perfectly how to make the most of it in your events and how you can benefit from it.

Now that we are starting the year, brands are gradually marking the dates of their upcoming events on the calendar: congresses, seminars, conferences, product launches, workshops, leisure events, openings, awards, supplier meetings, meetings with your community of users, flashmobs... How are you going to make the most of them?

what is not communicated does not exist', remember? That's why at Occam we record, edit and help you to spread your corporate events through the network and reach wherever you want.

how to make the most of your corporate events with video?

Every year, a million flashmobs, pills, bump ads, etc., from well-known events pass in front of us: the Goya Awards, the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), the South Summit... And they reach us through video, even if they are supported by text.

The inauguration of a new business, the meeting with your audience or your attendance at a renowned event are part of your activity and it is important that the public knows about it beyond your Instagram stories. Show the world what you are doing for it!

For the audience:

  • It will increase their trust in the company, as your attendance at different events will demonstrate your interest in continuing to update yourself in the industry and improving the products or services you offer.

For you:

  • It will improve your online positioning. Google's algorithms say that if your content incorporates a video, it will rank better.
  • more reputation!
  • You will make one of the most economical advertisements that exist. Organising an event involves a great effort, and the least you can do as a company is to record it to guarantee its repercussion.
  • You will gain brand image.
  • Start with a small audiovisual production, how about a bumper ad, and highlight the most important points of the event through a video summary, including 360-degree images to create beautiful sequences of your events.

In the end, it all comes down to a series of benefits that will give wings to your efforts. Everything you did to make your event go well, can now last forever and become a living memory with the best moments. We are fascinated by all these big and strong trends that surround the world of marketing and companies to shape their events and present them in the form of audiovisual content. They will be the best promotion of your brand.

are you going to check it out? Talk to us.

Put a video in your event

how many hours have you wasted organising company events from here to there? Our style is designed so that the video of your congress, conference or celebration makes the difference. We provide the filming, editing and digital colour grading you need to bring them to life and be there when and where your audience needs you. It's that easy. You are a brand with style, don't lag behind and show your full potential through the most used format of the moment.

Think about the next events you are going to organise and get ready to fly.

  • are you thinking of organising a session with the whole staff and you want a video that summarises the whole day? Show what a day's work within the company is like, inform, give visibility and transmit.
  • are you going to attend a conference on the latest developments in the sector and want to highlight the most important points? Do you need a complete video to post on your website? You will highlight the main presentations, some interviews and the most important moments of the event.
  • new changes in the company? It's time to communicate it to your clients, and what better way to do it than through streaming or a video summary. You will be able to show the strong points, what changes and what not... But, above all, you will improve your visibility and positioning.

ready to show a professional image?

Corporate events with video Important!

We are a team of specialists in the creation and production of corporate videos. We pay attention to video marketing and create the perfect combination to generate prestige for brands, guarantee a good image and help them generate attraction. We adapt to your needs and look for the most appropriate format to meet them.

This time it was an event, but maybe tomorrow you want to surprise your customers and you need to use a cinemagraph, or you need to explain how a new product works and you need the support of a video tutorial with motion graphics. There are so many possibilities to get the most out of your company through video, that you will quickly notice all its advantages: improved SEO ranking, more shares, better brand awareness and more traffic.

Organising an event is expensive, time-consuming, involving companies and people, and time is limited. At Occam we help you record, edit and broadcast your events online. Each event is unique and unrepeatable, so we offer you the possibility to record everything with our team and give you full coverage.

We have helped many companies in their audiovisual communication and we want to help you too. Shall we talk?

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