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Attracting customers through SEO: website positioning.

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It is clear that you have heard about SEO positioning, but, are you clear about how to attract customers through this strategy? In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about SEO positioning.

what is SEO positioning?

In case you still have any doubts about the concept, we are going to define it below so that everything described in this post is very clear.

SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimisation) consists of a set of techniques that are carried out on a specific web page with the aim of improving its position and thus the visibility it will have in the search engines of the main browsers.

In short, it is a process that consists of positioning a web page in the first results of google by means of a series of techniques such as the use of keywords.

Keywords are the most important element, when a user performs a search in the browser, the web pages are classified according to the keywords that the user has typed in the search engine. The user's specific query will make you appear or not in the first results.

why is SEO important?

Appearing on the first page of Google makes the chances of users choosing your site over others soar. Being on the second page of Google is practically the same as not being there. 95% of users do not go beyond the first page. If you have a business and you need to be visible, SEO is a basic ingredient for your strategy, although this is not the only advantage of positioning, it also implies credibility, if your site is positioned in the top positions, it means that there is work behind it, so users take into account the effort made.

Besides, SEO is one of the tools that has the best ROI, first of all it is not intrusive as it appears when the user needs that information. Therefore, as we have not invested in advertising, we are not "losing" that money, in SEO we invest a lot, but in time and effort. So it is a profitable investment in the medium and long term. After getting positioned in the top positions, the work does not end here, we must convert users into leads.

5 keys to attract customers through SEO

  1. Capture interest
    You have to be clear about who you are targeting, if you know perfectly who your buyer persona is, and what their needs and interests are, you will capture their attention. To do this you have to create content that your potential customer considers quality, which will convince them to invest their time in your website. It is information that they are looking for so it is easy to please them.

  2. Choosing the right keywords
    Once you know which keywords your target audience uses the most, you can start working on them to solve your buyer persona's problems.

  3. Analyse the competition
    It is not enough just to know which keywords are the best, you also have to analyse your competition in all aspects. You have to know which are the companies that appear in the first positions of the searches in which you want to appear. There are tools that help you to know which keywords are used by your competition, which will help you to improve your SEO strategy.

  4. Add audiovisuals
    In your SEO strategy, you should not only take care of the keywords you use, you have to take care of all your content in general, and one of the best ways for Google to position you in the top positions is to add images and videos within the page. Whenever you add photographs you should always take into account the caption, do not put just anything. When including images and videos within the pages, what you have to take care of is the loading time of the platform as it can greatly influence whether or not users stay on your page.

  5. Take care of the details

    Success is in the small details, and google takes this into account when positioning your website. These are some of the examples that you should take into account when adding details:

    • Metadescription: In the search results a small text appears, this is the metadescription, if you take care of it adding also the keywords, it will influence the number of visits that you will receive from the users.
    • Links: The URL is a very important element when it comes to projecting the content that your page is providing, you must include your keywords so that it appears in the first positions.
  6. Broken links
    You have to take care of the links, if you do not fix the broken links of your web page, the search engines will punish your page by lowering your positioning. You have to always fix your links so that they always redirect to the page you want to show to your users.

  7. Own links
    By doing this you will get users to spend more time on your website, internal links will get users to move from one page of your blog to another. If you write an article about inbound marketing, including links to posts about how to create an inbound marketing campaign will help you link one piece of information to another and the user will spend more time on your site.

  8. Strengthen your content
    One of the keys to web positioning is to create new and creative content, as the google algorithm is important (as when adding photos or videos) but more important is the audience, who are those who will decide whether or not to consume your content. No matter how much you get positioned in the top positions of google, if your content is not useful to the audience, they will leave your page immediately without interacting with it and without finishing reading your content.

  9. Analyse your results
    There is a free Google tool that helps you to achieve this, it is the Google Search Console tool, in it you can see all the mistakes you are making so you can rectify them and increase your online traffic.

In short, these are the steps you should follow to be able to position yourself in Google and get as many customers as possible, knowing all this, what are you waiting for to position yourself?

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