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what is UX and UI in web design?

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Web design has become one of the most important elements within any website, it is clear that having a website on the internet is mandatory if you have an online shop, because if you don't have it, you don't exist. And within these websites, the important thing is the design, if you have a good design and the user feels comfortable within your website, you will have it all done. In this post we will discuss two concepts that you must take into account if you want to have a good design within your website.

what is web design?

Let's clarify concepts and from the beginning, web design has become one of the most relevant pillars within the performance of a page. But web design does not simply mean that the site looks nice, because the real importance of web design lies in the importance of having a space in which the user feels comfortable and not only that, but it is easy to advance in its objective in a fast and intuitive way.

Characteristics of web design

To clarify the term completely, we are going to explain what the most representative elements of web design are:

  1. Responsiveness
    More and more, people are using mobile phones when looking for information and surfing the internet, computers are used less and less to access websites, so something very important to take into account in our design is that your site is suitable for mobile devices, that is to say, that it is responsive.

  2. Scannability
    The texts that you include in your website are also important in the design, they must be easy to read by users, if you put huge paragraphs in your website, users will see them directly as a block of unreadable text and will consider that the scannability of your website is terrible.

  3. Typography
    Typography is important in the design of your website, do not take it lightly and choose it well, if you use a typeface that is difficult to read, users will not make an effort and will decide to leave your page.

  4. Loading speed
    A very important element that is rarely taken into account is the loading speed of the platform itself, we are in the internet era, the era of immediacy, users want information, but they want it now, according to Google itself, sites that take more than 2 seconds to load are damaging the user experience and thus the indexing of the site.

what is UX?

What we know as UX is the concept of User Experience due to its acronym in English, that with User eXperience, with this we are dealing with everything that the user perceives in the time spent within our website. A good user experience is one in which the user perceives the web design as easy, useful, usable and attractive. Which means that the way to establish a good UX is to focus on user needs and align them with the objective of the company. Therefore it must be taken into account that to create a website with a good user experience, you must not only have the typical functions of a UX Designer such as market evaluation or analysis of KPIs, but you must also have knowledge in psychology, in the development of communication and marketing, as well as a good aesthetic sense to complete the web design.

There are three basic factors to achieve a good user experience:

  1. Functionality: The product we are offering to our users must work, that is paramount, a slow loading time, for example, would not be helping at all to the functionality of your page, as users will stop trusting your product trying to find another alternative, which will usually be your competition. Something that they can get almost immediately thanks to search engines, so, a single failure can be a loss.

  2. Usefulness: It is very important that your website is providing users with added value, in many websites, users generally come for the good content, whether informative or entertaining, users will look for quality content. Ease of use is more evident here, since navigation must be intuitive, simple and easy to remember.

  3. Aesthetics: This should not be left aside within the user experience, in this area it is very common to find obstacles, especially because aesthetic standards change depending on many factors such as culture or audience.

what is UI design?

UI design or user interface design is all those elements with which the user interacts, such as buttons, text, images, etc. The UI designer is concerned with aesthetics, and is responsible for defining how the application will look by selecting how all the buttons will be displayed in terms of style, colour and size, as well as fonts, texts and so on. In conclusion, the user interface advocates that all components work together in a unified way. This is a very valuable element to improve the UX, together we will achieve that our website is optimal.

Difference between UX and UI

UX design is often confused with interface design (UI), these two terms are closely related, but there are a number of significant differences between the two, if you read on, we'll tell you about them!

In a simple sentence, user experience encompasses everything that users feel, while user interface includes everything that users perceive, especially the visual part of the web. Therefore, UI is more focused on the technical aspect while UX is a more strategic concept.

That said, we can say that UX is a generic term while interface design can be considered a discipline.

In conclusion, if you have a website, you will have to be very clear about the difference between these two concepts, as well as knowing how to carry them out on your website. What users feel and see on your website is key and essential for them to become customers.

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