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Meganicho vs micronicho, which is better?

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is a lion or a puma more dangerous? The former is big and deadly, but the latter is fast and dangerous. If we stop to think about it, we decide that, although each has its own characteristics, they are both dangerous. Each has its weaknesses and strengths, but both are deadly.

This simile helps us to understand the concepts we are going to talk about next: the mega-niche and the micro-niche. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, keep reading our post and you will see what advantages each one offers for your business. We are going to focus on these concepts from a digital perspective.

Before we start talking about this concept, we are going to define what a niche market is, so you will better understand the difference between each concept.

what is a niche market?

A market niche is a part of a market segment, which is composed of a small group of people or companies that have common characteristics and needs.

It is imperative not to confuse this concept with the groups that emerge from a market segmentation. The niche is a part within one of these segments, not a distinct segment as such.

In the case of a butcher's shop, the market segment would be the people who buy meat and a niche would be the people who eat chicken.

If we apply it to a website, a niche website is the web space created for a specific topic and aimed at a specific buyer persona or user profile. They are monetised in different ways, but the most common are AdSense advertising revenue, affiliate networks, subscriptions and infoproducts.

Their main strategy is content-based, focusing on publishing articles on their respective blogs to increase visitor traffic. They also use other strategic tools such as product-specific SEO and SEO optimisation of the services on the different pages of the website.

It is not a personal blog where someone uploads posts talking about all sorts of topics. A niche website's blog must have a specific theme and offer solutions to the problems of its audience.

When will my audience access my niche blog?

  • When they are looking for information about a specific product.
  • When they are in doubt about whether to buy a product and need a website to compare.
  • When they have doubts about a product they have just bought.

Having explained and defined what a niche market is, also applied to a website, we can go on to define what a meganiche and microniche are.

Definition of meganiche

As the word itself indicates, a meganiche is part of a niche market, but in a broader dimension. If we take this into account, we can say that when we talk about a meganiche we are still within a specific theme. However, we give it a broader meaning.

Therefore, we can define a meganiche website as a portion of a niche market, which is included within the same theme, but which covers much broader terms or searches. It is a website that is very well positioned in Google and that is why it generates a lot of traffic on the Internet.

An example to differentiate meganiche and niche are make-up products; meganiche are make-up products and niche are make-up products for the face.

If we apply it to a website, an example of a meganiche would be a website that focuses on make-up products. A niche website would be a website that has make-up items only for the face.

Definition of microniche

Often this concept is confused with niche, or barely differentiated when talking about it. The reality is that, although they have similarities, they are two different concepts.

One of the best qualities of microniches is their specialisation. It is much broader compared to other websites, meaning that their subject matter is much more specialised and specific than that of other websites.

Its definition, therefore, is exactly the same as that of a niche website. The difference is that this website has even more specific content. This type of website is the best we can create to generate income. Its monetisation method is mainly affiliate links.

An example of a niche, along the same lines as before, would be lipsticks, and your website would focus only on talking about lip makeup products.

Differences between meganiche and microniche

Once we have defined all these concepts, we can make a classification of the main differences between these two concepts.

  1. Specialisation: In this case, microniches have a much higher level of specialisation than meganiches. Microniches are not so generalised websites, and although they also have a good level of specialisation, it is not as high as that of microniches. Their very name indicates that they focus on much more specific topics.
  2. Breadth of subject matter. The subject matter of meganiches is much broader than that of microniches. Meganiche websites collect articles on a specific subject in a much broader sense. Microniches focus on more specific content.
  3. Due to the high SEO positioning of meganiches, they have a much higher traffic than microniches. However, when it comes to generating income, microniches dream of being more successful. This is because they collaborate with other companies by including links on their blog pages. These companies pay for their content to be included on their websites. If we add to this the user traffic they receive, we can see that their income is much higher.

To make everything clear, let's give a final example of each of the concepts we have explained in this blog.

Meganicho: a website that sells or publishes articles about make-up products.

Niche: a website that collects content about make-up products for the face.

Microniche: a website that publishes content about lip make-up products.

The concepts of meganiche and microniche have very clear meanings. Depending on your company and its theme, you can decide what best suits your business model. Hopefully this post has helped you to define what would be best for your business strategy.

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