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How video improves your company's SEO

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This is today's lesson, the one we've learned and the one we're going to teach you. The one we put into practice over and over again because it's effective and vital. The kind that gives your brand's website a rhythm and a shake. Because there are many websites, but very few that know everything that video can do for them. And you're in luck because we're going to tell you about it in 3... 2... 1...



We almost didn't remember what it was like to enter into such a great connection and bond with someone. It doesn't hurt to remember from time to time what it feels like when the sparks really fly. Video and SEO - SEO and video. From the camera to the oven, and from the oven to the web. In recent years, SEO strategies have become the pillars that support any online marketing campaign, but there are many elements to keep in mind: content and keywords, personalisation of actions... And now also video, which since it has committed itself to the online world, deserves to be called video marketing.

A complicit relationship between video and SEO

Accomplices of business growth. Accomplices of the new trends that are coming to companies. Accomplices of everything that needs to change. Accomplices of the attraction of potential customers. Accomplices of hundreds and thousands of foreign eyes ready to glance at what their images and movement tell. Because, remember, in video everything transmits. And accomplices of everything that brands have to bring to the fore.

Video is the ideal tool to tell the public who you are, what characterises you and why you are different. Meanwhile, SEO is the accomplice that pushes us to make sure that all the efforts made with our video DO WORK. Why does this happen?

As long as your objectives are realistic, your actions are adapted and your motivation is sky high, everything is possible. Have you realised that it is no longer enough to create quality videos? Unless you optimise them for search engines and leave users with a good taste in their mouths, nothing will change. But we are sure that you already know this.

While we're not big on mash-ups here at Occam, we love to make cocktails of value, quality, entertainment, satisfaction and rhythm - stir it up, shake it up and consume it.

You decide what to watch and what to buy

It seems that video helps 90% of users to make their purchasing decisions, says Cisco. And of course, looking at it like that, who wouldn't want to produce a video for their company?

It's a sweet tool for content strategy for SEO and attractive for all websites. It has it all. It's supportive - it's shareable like no other format - it's clear - it tells you things in 1 minute and leaves you with your mouth open - it's engaging - you'd be surprised what it can tell you - and it's cool - it's hip.

Video is a very important part of your online marketing strategy, so if you want to give your SEO an extra boost, try:

  • Use the right keywords, brainstorming and researching.
  • Remember that YouTube is not the only platform to upload your videos.
  • Transcribe them to tell some of the key points.

If you want to give advice, there are digital marketing agencies that create videos from every perspective you can think of. 360-degree turns, from above, from below and from all sides. Real video marketing experts.

what's your brand about? Tell us about it. It's as simple as that.

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