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Top 20 HubSpot integrations of 2023

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2023 has arrived with a new range of possibilities and great innovations in the business field, such as integrations. Now you can combinethe best functionalities of your favourite applications in a single place, without the need to switch between different applications to complete the daily tasks of your business, and one of the great precursors of these integrations is HubSpot.

And one of the great precursors of these integrations is HubSpot. Having this software not only guarantees you a wide range of tools for the Marketing and Sales departments of your company, but it also offers you the possibility of linking its tools with some of your favourite applications.

do you want to know which are the best HubSpot integrations for 2023?

join us and find out!

why do you need HubSpot integrations for your business?

HubSpot integrations are connections between HubSpot's CRM platform and other third-party tools or applications. These integrations enable process automation and improved efficiency by connecting multiple systems and applications so that information and data can be exchanged in real time.

Companies can get the most out of their CRM platform by automating processes and improving work efficiency through HubSpot integrations, saving time and effort while ensuring that their data is always up-to-date and accessible in a single location.

That's why integrations are such an important part of the HubSpot experience - they allow you to extend that centralised platform to reach other teams and other parts of your business.

HubSpot is powerful enough on its own, but it's by adding integrations that you can reach its full potential.

You can connect with many different applications in order to streamline workflows, synchronise data or improve reporting, among other things. Leveraging these connections with HubSpot can not only help you increase efficiency, but also improve overall business performance.

top 20 HubSpot integrations

  • WordPress

This integration connects two of the biggest CRM platforms on the market today.

Integrating HubSpot with Wordpress will allow you to access HubSpot's main functionalities from within WordPress, without having to navigate between the two platforms. In other words, by integrating HubSpot with WordPress, you can leverage WordPress' content management system (CMS) with HubSpot's inbound marketing tools.

Synchronise HubSpot tools such as contact management, analytics, email marketing and live chats with WordPress CRM functionality.

  • Gmail

A company's marketing reps spend a lot of their time in their email inbox, whether it's sending proposals, communicating with their team, or responding to leads.

Integrating Gmail with HubSpot's CRM allows you to log all your emails, access the various productivity tools (including templates and sequences) and view CRM contact details without leaving your inbox.

  • Zapier

Zapier is an application connector. Connector integrations give access to a wide range of applications that can be synced with HubSpot to save time and add new functionality to the CRM.

HubSpot's integration with Zapier allows you to connect your software to over 1,000 apps automatically. Link your apps to HubSpot with a few clicks to save time and improve CRM efficiency. No coding is required, and your apps will start sharing data in a workflow style, easy to read on your HubSpot site.

  • Facebook

Social media is one of the most important assets for digital businesses. Integrating your social media accounts with the HubSpot CRM gives you valuable information about your audience, such as the type of content they like and share with their friends.

Overall, HubSpot's integration with your Facebook account, or other social networks, helps you streamline and automate your publishing.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Companies that use a third-party application to identify and engage with their prospects may find LinkedIn Sales Navigator's integration with HubSpot a valuable alternative.

By integrating a prospecting system such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the CRM, you can engage your prospects with personalised outreach, using features such as InMail, related leads and activities as an icebreaker within your CRM.

  • Monday is a CRM designed to enable you to create customised business projects and workflows in minutes.

Monday's integration with a marketing automation system like HubSpot allows instant transparency into campaign statuses, marketing assets, data, collaboration and more.


Content integrations allow you to create, design and share personalised content for a website. They also let you know who interacts with your content and how they do it. The information is synced with HubSpot so you can organise and assign it to specific contacts.'s integration with HubSpot allows you to customise and brand all elements of your website in a matter of minutes: landing pages, web pages, personalised emails and more.

It's a great option for anyone without web development or coding experience who wants to design and customise their website pages and emails.

  • Slack

Slack is a software to drive communication between teams in an organisation. Combined with HubSpot, it appears as a foolproof option to facilitate internal and external communication with employees and customers of a company.

The integration of Slack with HubSpot provides a digital workspace and communication tool that allows you to connect and talk to your team members, and is an ideal tool to ensure accessibility, collaboration and team coordination from anywhere.

  • UberConference

Call integrations simplify all the phone and video call interactions you make in your company, whether it's a meeting with your colleagues or with your current and potential customers.

UberConference's integration with HubSpot allows you to schedule your meetings with colleagues or potential clients in just seconds, so you can focus on the tasks that require the most attention, all without having to leave your HubSpot portal, and all contact information and call details will be recorded in HubSpot for easy future access by your colleagues.

  • Survey Monkey

With Survey Monkey you can gather information about your leads and contacts through customised forms and surveys.

Survey Monkey's integration with HubSpot syncs all the data you receive from the forms with the contact data in your CRM so you can easily view and analyse it when you have sales meetings.

  • Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service and sales software.

Integrating Zendesk with HubSpot helps you collect useful customer information for future sales. With access to customer support ticket data, you can synchronise service activity with contact information in your CRM to stay on top of all your prospects' and customers' service needs.

  • Wistia

Wistia's integration with HubSpot allows you to engage leads through video and pass detailed viewing data to your CRM, and you can instantly qualify, segment and assign leads based on clicks through playback. With Wistia's proven analytics and marketing tools, you can make your video investment a runaway success.

  • PandaDoc

PandaDoc's document and proposal software integration with HubSpot allows you to send proposals and contracts quickly and efficiently in one central interface. You can have contracts automatically signed and synchronised with contact information within your CRM. You can also pull data directly from the CRM to produce your documents.

  • OrgChartHub

OrgChartHub's integration with HubSpot allows you to create and store customer flowcharts in each of your accounts without leaving HubSpot. Features like relationship mapping and custom sales users help your team visualise key stakeholders and close more business. Plus, you can use placeholder contacts to identify key unknown contacts, avoid sales blockers and close sales faster.

  • Intercom

Intercom's live chat tool integration with HubSpot allows you to detect potential customers visiting a website, so you can easily capture contact information and conversation history so you're ready when you engage with those leads.

  • Shopify

Shopify's ecommerce sales software integration with HubSpot allows you to automatically sync all of your online shop's products, contacts and orders so you have access to shopper information.

  • Eventbrite

By integrating Eventbrite's event management software with HubSpot's CRM you can gain insightful data about the contacts who attend your events and how you can better connect with them in the future.

  • YouTube

Integrating a video platform like YouTube with HubSpot's CRM can provide valuable information about your leads. Within your CRM you can access data about the videos and messages that are most successful with your audience, giving you an edge when engaging with your contacts.

  • GoToWebinar

Webinars are a valuable alternative to selling at virtual events. HubSpot's integration with a system like GoToWebinar can be a time saver. By connecting the webinar system with your CRM, you can easily send event registration reminders to your contact list, create targeted follow-up campaigns and full reporting on customer behaviour, and then see the ROI of your event.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp's integration with HubSpot saves time on manual data entry, makes it possible to capture viable leads and ensures that your contact list is always up to date, without the need to do it manually.

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