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How to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress

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HubSpot is a software that has several tools that will help you unify your Marketing and Sales departments, and one of them is its CRM. This CRM has become one of the most popular on the market, putting it on the front lines with other content management systems that we've been using for years, such as WordPress, but now it's not just a matter of choosing one or the other.

Now you can connect both systems and take advantage of all the benefits of each on a single platform: thanks to the integration of HubSpot CRM with WordPress.

want to know how to integrate HubSpot CRM with your WordPress account?

read on to find out!

how does the HubSpot CRM work?

CRM platforms are all about customers, and HubSpot's CRM excels at enabling businesses to build engaging, long-lasting relationships with their customers and foster productive conversations with them. Its interface aims to help businesses increase revenue by leveraging the information the platform gathers from customer data flowing in from communication channels such as phone calls, website visits, and social media interactions.

HubSpot CRM is free and comes with a selection of tools including live chat, dynamic lists, lead capture forms and email marketing.

Ultimately, this customer relationship management software provides a platform where businesses can organise, automate and track all interactions and activities that occur within the company.

Benefits of using HubSpot CRM

On a general level, by integrating HubSpot with WordPress, you can leverage the WordPress content management system (CMS) with HubSpot's inbound marketing tools.

Here are some of the benefits that HubSpot's CRM brings, not only for businesses, but also for their customers:

  • Visibility for the whole team

Your entire team has access to your company's CRM - no limits. That means anyone from interns to managers can log in to see exactly where your leads are coming from, where they're going, and how your efforts are getting them there.

  • Track conversations with leads and contacts

Any conversation or interaction your team has with a customer or prospect is recorded, so your sales team never has to wonder when contact was made with a new customer. New sales reps get instant access to how veteran employees close sales.

Your website already works for you 24/7. Let it engage and feedback your leads for you. Live chat and chatbots allow you to easily establish touchpoints, even when your team is out of the office.

  • Streamlining sales processes

Streamline your sales process with a defined pipeline. Never wonder where a prospect is in the buying process again. A visual, easy-to-use sales process saves sales reps hours of manual entry and research. Plus, you can implement specific automations for each stage of the process.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

In today's digital age, anyone can get anything from anywhere. Why should they choose you? Because you provide superior service. Make sure you hit the nail on the head with excellent service by asking your customers what they think and how you can improve.

  • A superior CMS

HubSpot's CMS could be one of the biggest and greatest improvements the company has launched. As a full-service content management system, the Hub CMS provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use platform for your website.

These advantages are what HubSpot's CRM provides you only and exclusively. Now imagine how much they will increase once you integrate this platform with WordPress. You don't have to, because we put it on a silver platter for you in this article on the benefits of integrating HubSpot with WordPress.

Steps to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress

The integration of HubSpot with WordPress can be done in two ways; firstly, you can hire a company and qualified professionals who can help you and guide you through the whole integration process; or, on the other hand, you can do it yourself.

In this case, we are going to tell you how you can integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress easily and quickly.

Before installing and using the plugin, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • Your website or blog must be installed on or the Business plan - any other plan with (e.g. Premium, Personal) will not support plugins or JavaScript and will not be compatible with the plugin.
  • The WordPress version must match the plugin requirements. You must have specific content for each stage of the sales funnel (otherwise you will not be able to qualify and segment inbound data automatically).
  • You must be a WordPress administrator to install plugins on your site.
  • You must be a super admin to install the plugin.

Note: to install the plugin you must enable third party cookies in your browser and disable any plugins or extensions that block third party cookies in your browser.

  • Installing the plugin

Follow the steps below to integrate HubSpot with WordPress:

  1. Create a free HubSpotaccount , and you will get an ID number (Hub ID: xxxxxx).
  2. Download the Leadin Plugin to integrate HubSpot CRM with WordPress (unzip it and place it in your WordPress Plugins folder via FTP).
  3. Once the plugin is installed, you just need to activate it.
  4. Add your ID in the plugin and... All done! (The integration should be successful).

that's it, your plugin is now installed and you can enjoy all the benefits of HubSpot's CRM integration with WordPress.

if you prefer to leave all this integration in the hands of professionals, don't worry, because you can do it through Occam.

Just contact us and we willsolve all your doubts.

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