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Tips for integrating Hubspot with your ecommerce in Prestashop

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Having a qualified sales team is crucial to transform a potential customer into an end customer, especially when it comes to an online shop. Without direct and personal contact with customers, it becomes a determining factor to know the needs of our potential customers and provide them with all the solutions they need.

For this, a well nourished database will be our best ally, so we bring one of the best solutions in the form of HubSpot integration with your ecommerce in Prestashop.

want to find out how this integration works and all its benefits?

we tell you all about it here!

how does HubSpot work?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps businesses attract visitors, capture leads and build customer loyalty. It's a cloud-based platform, so all your data is synchronised across computers and devices, while updates are instant and automatic.

Hubspot CRM is a programme that provides your sales team with the information and tools they need to fit the current sales process.

The platform organises contact information, business and sales opportunities, as well as every interaction through various channels: website, email, phone calls, social media, etc. It is the ideal solution to accelerate your company's growth and achieve your business goals.

HubSpot's best features for your ecommerce in Prestashop

The HubSpot CRM has the best tools to make each stage of the sales process more efficient. Below, we will review some of the HubSpot CRM functionalities so that you can start optimising your sales process and improve your relationship with your customers:

  • Contact list: You can store information about each of your contacts, whether it's their name, email address, phone number or job title, so you know what kind of content they're interested in and how to improve personalisation.
  • Automated sales activity tracking: This tool can be synchronised with your email and HubSpot Sales to record all phone calls, emails and virtual meetings, so you can follow the customer through every stage of the buying process.
  • Sales process: You have at your disposal a well-defined dashboard where you can see the entire sales funnel, so you can consult transactions at any time to quickly review your customers' data (appointments scheduled, contracts sent, lost transactions, etc.).
  • Send, track and optimise email templates: Convert your repetitive emails into email templates that you can send with a single click and track the performance of each one to improve your results.

Benefits of integrating HubSpot with your ecommerce on Prestashop

PrestaShop is one of the most specialized tools on the market for the creation of online shops, offering numerous advantages and benefits, such as the possibility of creating any type of shop using its modules or add-ons.

Combined with HubSpot, it increases the benefits it can bring to your online shop.


The integration of HubSpot with Prestashop allows you to centralise all the data about your customers and orders along with the events or purchase history. You will be able to know who has bought in your shop and their habits.

This way, you can create powerful email campaigns and personalised offers to maximise and streamline your marketing actions.


An abandoned cart indicates that a potential customer was interested in buying your product, but stopped just before doing so. These people are much more likely to buy in the future than a lead who is just visiting your website.

Using HubSpot's workflows, you can put in place targeted marketing actions to recover abandoned carts and boost your conversions. Thanks to automation, you take the first step and HubSpot does the rest for you.

This workflow highlights the value of your product while the items remain in the cart of your leads.


Once the plugin is installed, HubSpot's ecommerce reports will start collecting information from PrestaShop, allowing you to analyse revenue reports and drill down into your data to understand how your business is performing.

You'll be able to track and review monthly sales, the percentage of deals that close, or the number of abandoned carts quickly and easily.


HubSpot's integration with your ecommerce allows you to create personalised offers that really interest your customers and increase conversions.

You can easily create discount coupons, build customer loyalty and send reports to HubSpot.


You have a section of materials and resources where you can create promotions or use predefined templates adapted to your company.

You also have a library of videos available so that you can create fluid workflows to achieve your goals.

how to integrate HubSpot with my Prestashop ecommerce?

HubSpot integration with your online shop has become one of the most valuable tools in the e-commerce sector, attracting consumers in a non-intrusive way and adopting the best practices of Inbound Marketing.

But how can I connect HubSpot with my Shopify shop?

Occam brings you the perfect solution for this integration: we take care of everything.

just get in touch with us and we'll get to work.

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