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LinkedIn: How to grow my business with LinkedIn?

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When we say that social media is very important for our business, we are not lying. LinkedIn is a clear example of this. It is not just a social network for people looking to network or find a new job. It is a great tool for businesses to increase the visibility of their brand.

By leveraging LinkedIn's marketing tools, you can take your business to the next level. From making connections and partnerships with other businesses, to generating leads and increasing your brand's visibility, there's a lot you can do with LinkedIn, making it a vital addition to your digital marketing strategy.

If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile and don't know how to use this professional social network to benefit your business brand, read on to see why LinkedIn is important and what are the best techniques to grow with it.

why is LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn is a platform specialised in the professional world. It is not so much about selling or marketing your products on this social network, as it can be very frowned upon. We must plan a marketing strategy especially for this type of platform.

Having a large number of LinkedIn followers on your company page can bring numerous advantages to your business, either directly or indirectly. The LinkedIn presence of any organisation is increasingly a sea of opportunities. It is a perfect place to generate relevant information about our niche market, and to show our professional side. With this we can get a larger number of customers, and also connect with other companies, which can contribute to our digital reputation and our personal brand.

It has been confirmed that companies that use LinkedIn to set up a marketing plan can up to triple their conversion rate and get more leads compared to those that only set up marketing strategies on other social networks.

B2B marketing specialists have stated that LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of your social media leads.

This means that, if you use this network properly, you can completely transform your business model, so it is clear that, if you have a business, you need to set up a LinkedIn marketing plan to drive your business forward.

6 strategies to grow on LinkedIn

  1. Optimising your company profile

Keeping your profile updated is key. Your company profile is going to be the digital showcase of your business, so you must show all the products and services you are going to offer to users. If you want to get new customers or connect with influential people in your sector, it is essential to have an optimal and quality profile.

It is the first thing that the audience will see when they click on your name. Including a brief description in which it is clear who you are, what you do and what you offer is key. You must clearly define what products and services your company offers, and add other complementary posts for your brand image.

Finally, it is imperative to include all the company's contact information, offers and areas of specialisation.

  1. Good positioning in search engines

Keywords are essential for good brand positioning and are not only limited to the posts on your landing page or company blog, but should also be included in your LinkedIn profile in order to appear at the top of the search results list.

We must make sure to edit our profile description correctly so that all keywords are included to increase our reach. We can also include these keywords in other sections such as professional experience or knowledge and skills statement.

  1. Clean up your network

It is not a social network to create new friendships, so people who do not contribute anything should be deleted. You should delete all those inactive people, who have nothing to do with your sector or with whom you do not see a possible future collaboration. You have to take into account who you want to see and who you want to see your content, so you should pay special attention to the people you connect with.

  1. Connect with your audience

You need to reach the audience you want to offer your products and services to - the users you know can be potential customers and consume what you offer. You need to do this by also engaging and interacting with them.

LinkedIn pages offer the possibility of recommending and sharing content as a company, which previously only personal accounts could do. This has helped to improve communication with followers.

It gives you the option to share your content with all your followers or with a target audience chosen by the company. You should create quality and engaging content for the audience you want to connect with, to develop a channel of communication with your customers through updates, comments or other interactive strategies.

  1. Use images and videos

Audiovisual elements are undoubtedly elements that make the content we offer on the Internet much more attractive. Visual communication is very important in digital marketing.

Users will be more likely to consume and share our content on their social networks if we offer it in an attractive way. Establishing a striking and representative profile image of the brand, and including infographics and videos in your content is essential.

  1. Analyse your performance

On LinkedIn you can get information about the performance of your page so you can see how your page is doing and what you can do to improve. Evaluate the performance of my profile, the daily views and the demographics of the people who visit our profile.

This will help to establish a new strategy to assess what content is most favourable to my company and what type of people we should reach with our content. It is a good way to get to know our buyer persona.

LinkedIn is a social network that can contribute significantly to the growth of your company. It has a large number of features that allow you to create a whole digital marketing plan applied to the social network. Its professional nature allows you to reach very important users and profiles for your company, and considerably increase the conversion rate of the same. Do not waste time, and take advantage of all the benefits that LinkedIn offers you!

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