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what is LinkedIn Pulse and how can it help me?

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As you may already know, LinkedIn is the most widely used social network for professionals in the world. Specifically, it is used as a communication and personal marketing tool to publicise your professional profile and skills, generate a network of contacts and look for or offer work. And as a good key tool, it offers its users a host of features that help to improve the positioning of your profile. One of them is LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse is a publication tool within the LinkedIn social network that allows you to write your own articles with no character limit. In this way, you can have your own blog, and therefore, obtain your own personal brand. This way you can show your target audience your interests or your skills.

how to use LinkedIn Pulse?

It is very easy to use LinkedIn Pulse to start publishing articles as any user can visit the platform and start writing. Also,the platform is very simple. One of the main aspects is the inclusion of a featured image that will represent your article in your followers' feed and in other users' searches. You can also add images, videos and links in the body of the text, as well as make some modifications, such as changing and including subheadings, lists and quotes .

Inthe same way, you can save drafts to finish them later and when they are ready, just press the "Publish" button. After publishing your articles, you can view them on your profile page, in the "Posts" section and in this same section there is also the "View statistics" button .

what are the benefits of LinkedIn Pulse?

The 6 most important benefits of LinkedIn Pulse are as follows:

  1. You increase your LinkedIn reputation. Writing on LinkedIn Pulse will help you differentiate yourself and give you value in front of your competition. If you make an effort to create articles with great content, the whole industry will see you in a better light.
  2. Itreflects you as a reference in your sector. Closely related to the first advantage, this point refers to having a good reputation. Also, with that reputation you can become an influencer in your sector and gain sales.
  3. You give more visibility to your article.LinkedIn likes you to use Pulse, that's why it has a privileged section where the articles you write are highlighted.
  4. You rank well on Google, the articles you publish on Pulse will get good SEO.
  5. You increase your Social Selling Index - this is a social selling index that everyone on LinkedIn has and is related to social selling. To put it simply, it is an assessment of how ideal your profile is for sales, and is based on how you build your personal brand, your contact selection (finding the right people), your interaction in providing information, and your relationship building.
  6. LinkedIn Pulse notifies your contacts within LinkedIn every time you publish content. When you publish a post the platform sends a notification to all of your top-level contacts informing them that you have made a new post .

¿Qué es LinkedIn Pulse y cómo puede ayudarme?

5 tips for a good LinkedIn Pulse strategy

Once you know what it is, how you can use it and what advantages this tool offers, the only thing left to do is to get down to work. To do this, you must first take into account a series of tips:

  • Do a keyword study. It is advisable to research SEO positioning and do a study on what are the doubts and needs of your potential customers so that you can answer them through publications on LinkedIn Pulse. There are paid tools that help you find it and there are also others that you can use for free or its freemium version, such as SEMrush or SEranking.
  • Design an editorial and publication calendar. Remember that getting results from writing requires effort and perseverance, so before you start creating articles, think about the minimum frequency you can maintain. For LinkedIn's algorithm, regularity is important and it is better to publish 1 article a month, every month, than 5 one month and none the next.
  • Choose specific topics of your speciality and ask yourself questions such as: Who is my Buyer Persona or my ideal client, what is my objective in this social network, what topics am I going to cover, etc.
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website. Take advantage of your articles on Pulse to include links that direct interested users to your website, either to service pages, contact pages or to your blog posts that complete the information.
  • Close your article with a Call To Action. It is essential to include a call to action in your post. If one of your followers has reached the end of your article, it means they are interested, so include this CTA and get them to take the action you want.

¿Qué es LinkedIn Pulse y cómo puede ayudarme?

LinkedIn Pulse is an ideal tool that if you use it correctly following the tips we have given you can launch you to success.

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