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LinkedIn: Recommendations for publications on LinkedIn

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What we post on social networks can be a reflection of our personal brand, so we need to be very careful. LinkedIn is the social network par excellence for professionals. This makes it clear that what we post on this social network should be more serious and representative of our company.

It is not only a social network for people looking to establish professional contacts or find a new job, it is a great tool for companies to increase the visibility of their brand.

From making connections and partnerships with other companies, to generating leads and increasing your brand's visibility, there are many things you can do with LinkedIn, making it a vital addition to your digital marketing strategy.

If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile and don't know how to use this professional social network to benefit your business brand, read on to see why it's important and what are the best tips for posting on the platform.

why is it important to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is growing exponentially every year, and currently has 738 million users worldwide, of which 260 million are active users. However, the number of people posting content on the platform is down to 3%, which is less than 1% of monthly users.

This is because the majority of LinkedIn users are on the platform with a clear objective: actively looking for a job, bidding for a job or collaborating with other companies.

The LinkedIn presence of any organisation is increasingly a sea of opportunity. It is a perfect place to generate relevant information about our niche market, and to showcase our professional side. With this we can reach a larger number of clients, and also connect with other companies, which can contribute to our digital reputation and our personal brand.

It has been confirmed that companies that use LinkedIn to set up a marketing plan can up to triple their conversion rate and get more leads compared to those that only set up marketing strategies on other social networks.

B2B marketing specialists have claimed that LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of their social media leads, and this is also due to the site's curious algorithm, which displays the most professional and interesting content to the user.

LinkedIn is an essential tool to reach a larger number of potential customers, so we must define very well in our marketing strategy what we want to publish and how we want to publish it. Below, we are going to give some tips for publishing on LinkedIn.

8 recommendations for publications on LinkedIn

  1. Include images

It is not something new that publications that include images tend to generate more interactions and traffic than those that do not include any type of audiovisual content. We must vary the formats in which we publish and not stick to a certain structure.

It is important to pay attention to the image that is going to be defined as the cover image of a publication, as it must be striking and attractive to generate something in the reader. A quality image or an infographic that also includes text can generate twice as many interactions.

  1. Include videos

When we talk about varying formats, we are also referring to the inclusion of videos in our publications. Sometimes, with just a video and without the need to include any text, we can reach a large audience.

It has been confirmed that videos generate up to 5 times more interactions than text publications. It is important that the image of the videos is of high quality and that the video shows professional editing and content, as it is a showcase for the company's personal brand.

  1. Segment

When we are going to publish something, segmenting the audience we want to reach is essential. Our company already has a clear buyer persona. We want to reach the people we know will be willing to consume our products and services. People who are interested in what we offer.

The LinkedIn company page is the only profile that allows us to segment the audience we want our content to reach. You will be able to define which part of your followers you want to reach with that publication and thus segment your audience.

  1. Give the employee a voice

Humanising our content improves the image and visibility of our professional brand. In our publications we can include the merits of a team or the professional achievements of an employee, which makes the company more human.

  1. Post frequently

Frequency is key - there is no point in posting content one day, and then not posting again for another three weeks. We need to be consistent in what we post on LinkedIn.

By paying attention to what are the best times to post on LinkedIn, you should post content frequently, in order to get more user traffic.

  1. Transparency

In everything we publish it is important to show ourselves as we are: what are our values, our strengths, the members of our team, our day-to-day life, ..

These are things that may seem unnecessary, but that take you away from being a company and that's it. This gives our company an identity, values, and, tomorrow, in the end, what people come to our company for is to buy "values".

  1. Interacting with the public

It is not just a matter of publishing content and that's it, we must interact with the user, whether through mentions, responding to comments, thanking them, ..

Not responding to users, not having a direct communication with your audience, can give a very bad image of the company. Interacting is an opportunity to build trust and create a link and communication with your audience.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags can generate new audiences for my profile. When a person does a search and a hashtag that I have entered in my publication appears, my publications will also appear with it. The use of hashtags can give a lot of visibility to the content that we publish on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network that can bring many advantages to your company. With all the features it includes, you can create a marketing plan developed on the same platform. Either through the content you publish or the people you connect with, you can significantly increase the visibility of your business. We hope this post has helped you to solve all your doubts!

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