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how does Pinterest help my marketing strategy?

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Pinterest may not be the first platform that comes to mind when you want to optimise your social media marketing strategy, but even if other platforms with higher user traffic come to mind, Pinterest is a resounding yes for your marketing strategy, we tell you all about it in this post.

what is Pinterest?

To begin with, we are going to introduce you to the world of Pinterest to understand more about the platform.

Pinterest is a social network launched in 2010, it is completely visual as it is based on photographs, users save, collect and share images on their websites. In order to reach your audience on this social network, you will only have to publish pins, the most important thing is to know who your ideal customer is and who you are targeting within the platform.

The most important thing is to know who your ideal customer is and who you are targeting on this social network:

  • Female
  • Over 25 years old
  • Lives in a suburban housing estate

Therefore, if your target audience meets these characteristics, Pinterest is surely your ideal platform, otherwise it is still a great bet, because on Pinterest there are all kinds of users. The important thing in your Pinterest strategy is to collect images and ideas within your profile that appear on your account and perfectly reflect the values, style and image of your brand. If your content does not fit what you want to convey, your target audience will have a wrong image of you.

6 facts that will convince you to use Pinterest, in percentages!

  1. A large part of the young audience that uses Pinterest, 80%, uses Pinterest to find the products they want to buy, while 71% search the platform for product recommendations
  2. The majority of users, exactly 78%, find the content published by brands useful when buying products, which is why 75% of the pins that users save on their profiles come from company accounts, brands.
  3. The sales generated on Pinterest thanks to digital campaigns are four times more effective than on other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.
  4. 87% of users, i.e. the vast majority, have at some point purchased items they have found on the platform, and 93%, which is practically the entire platform, plan to buy them in the future.
  5. In terms of sales it outperforms all other platforms, including Facebook, generating 33% more purchase traffic than it, and outperforming Snapchat by 71% and Twitter by 200%. Huge numbers.
  6. Virtually all users of the platform, 96%, use Pinterest to plan trips and events such as weddings or parties, which helps event management companies and travel companies tremendously.

why use Pinterest in my strategy?

Pinterest for business has great advantages in the commercial aspect. With Pinterest Ads you will get much more profit than you invest, which makes more and more businesses join looking for stability and growth within their market.

When a user saves a pin of yours, that is to say, the action of pinning, is not the same as any like that you can give to a publication of instagram or facebook, apart from meaning much more, since to save it is because what the user wants is to return to see this content later or later in time. So the user will not forget you and remember that he liked your content. Apart from that the life time of a pin on Pinterest is much longer than in other social networks. While in Facebook a post lasts 90 minutes of useful life, in Pinterest last about 3.5 months. So if your strategy is well thought out and take care of your pins over time, the published content could last forever, especially if you have good keywords.

If you already belong to the world of Pinterest, here are some tips that will help you improve your positioning on the platform.

Tips to start designing your Pinterest strategy

1. Consistency

You have to carry out a strategy in which you upload pins progressively, that is, you have much more chances that your pins have a great traffic of users if you upload one every day, in the case of uploading 7 pins in a row, there are much less chances of generating traffic and thus, to generate potential customers. Therefore, a good strategy for this is to create a calendar and organize in this your content, so you know what to publish and above all, when to publish it.

2. Creativity

For your pins to succeed, they must be innovative and creative, a pin that is not visually attractive or the light is not the best for the type of product you are trying to sell, can give an image to the audience of something that is not your product, for example, if you sell party costumes and the photo is very dark, users will not perceive it as something festive, but as something boring.

3. Keywords

Keywords are everywhere, if you don't add keywords in the title and description about the subject of your photo, it will be difficult for them to find your pin on the platform. Apart from this, it is very important that your description is witty and attractive, which will help to generate interest among users and they will be more likely to visit your link.

4. Interact

It is not only important to interact with users who may buy your products, it is also important to interact with other accounts that are related to your activities and products, which will help you to have more visibility among the followers of these accounts, in addition to being recommended when a user interacts with those accounts.

5. Define your objectives

As in any good strategy that lends itself, you must establish objectives before carrying it out, if you define the goals you want to reach it will be much easier to know where you are failing and what points you need to improve.

6. Get to know the boards

The feed is one of the most important and important things in the Pinterest world, you have to know the different boards in order to analyse which one suits your brand and which one will work best with your customers. We explain what the 4 boards are about:

-Collaborative boards: They allow the editing and management of the account to be carried out by more than one person, so what you get is to encourage participation within your community.

-Map boards: For this you must first upload the pin and once uploaded, click on "Add place", so you can geolocate the pins, which allows users to find you more easily. These boards are mainly focused on the tourism sector.

-Own content boards + inbound traffic: These are the pins of your own website, which means that the content will direct the user to the specific landing page you have chosen.

-Own or third-party content boards + external traffic: Here, in contrast to the previous one, what the pins have is a URL that directly directs the user to an external page.

Therefore, although it is not the social network par excellence, as you have been able to observe it has innumerable advantages to help you within your digital marketing strategy, so do not wait any longer and start to optimise your strategy by the hand of Pinterest.

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