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Complete Guide: Inbound Marketing Strategy

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are you taking your first steps in Inbound Marketing or do you want to remember the key points of your strategy?

Inbound is like saying 'attract customers and keep them in love'. To achieve this, you have to listen and not start talking about yourself endlessly. Understand once and for all that you are not the navel of the world, but you have something to say and offer. And that is the most important thing to start working on your strategy now. Here you will find the information you need to put it into action and generate value for your audience.

where should you start your Inbound Marketing strategy? What are its phases? What content should you offer in each of them? What tools are involved?

Make yourself comfortable. In this article you will learn about the possibilities to make your company grow in the face of the new consumption and communication trends set by users.

this post is for companies that want to differentiate themselves!

what is Inbound Marketing?

do I really need Inbound? Yes, you do.

In marketing, as in life, you must deliver before you receive, especially if we are talking about companies and potential customers. How much value do you bring to your audience on a daily basis?

From the creators of HubSpot comes attraction marketing or Inbound Marketing:

"It is a business methodology that aims to engage customers through the creation of valuable content and tailored experiences. It focuses on the growth of the company by creating meaningful and lasting relationships with consumers, prospects and customers by providing elements that enable them to achieve their goals at each and every stage of the journey they take with your company" - HubSpot.

who is Inbound Marketing aimed at? When do you see results? (

Inbound Marketing is about educating your customers, providing them with information (little by little) and delivering something of value. And that doesn't happen in an impulse buy. No one who needs a bottle of water is going to immediately research or compare the options offered by one supplier or another. And probably not even look for the best bottles of water on the market.


Taking into account that this methodology connects, above all, with B2B and medium or long purchase cycles (minimum 6 months), there are many sectors in society that are suitable for applying Inbound strategies: eCommerce, real estate, retail, insurance, education, tourism, banks, etc. In fact, Inbound Markting for eCommerce has exploded in recent years in order to apply techniques that allow for more short-term results. This is what is known as INBOUNDING. That is, having a BOFU offer on the page, offering pop-ups and other recommended best practices.

Something similar has happened with Inbound Marketing for real estate, helping the sector to attract more customers and sell more homes online. This methodology is very effective in the real estate business due to the long journey of the buying process and the high investment it requires. It requires a close relationship and a lot of trust with the buyer, something that can be achieved with Inbound.

it could be the case of a B2C with a very expensive product that requires a lot of research and data collection, but this is not usual. It is mainly applied to complex sales processes.

have you been told about Inbound, but don't think it's for you? Check it out and find out for sure.

Do I need training to do Inbound?

do you know what most brands lack in order to do Inbound Marketing? The HubSpot Academy Inbound Certificate.

In this certification course you will discover the key aspects of the methodology and the customer-driven cycle, how to apply them in your company and how to manage a successful strategy, from marketing and sales to services.

HubSpot has a wide variety of specialised courses in each of the strategy areas: CMS Hubs Certification for Marketers, Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software, Sales Software, Wworkflows, How to create the buyer's journey for your company, etc.

Training with HubSpot Academy will allow you to grow professionally (staying on the cutting edge of the latest digital marketing news), demonstrate your skills (you can add a recognised certification to your LinkedIn profile), drive your company's growth (generate more leads, close more business and delight customers).

Many companies that hear about HubSpot end up hiring its technology, but if you don't have experience with the platform, you're unlikely to realise its full potential. Why waste the opportunity when you can hire an agency that has mastered the software?

boost your knowledge and don't get left behind!

7 tips for choosing an Inbound Marketing agency

If you have decided to take the step of hiring an Inbound Marketing agency, you would probably like to know which one is the most suitable for your company. It is normal for doubts to arise.

That's why in this post we're going to give you some tips that will make your decision easier. Take note!

  1. Analyse the agency's experience in the market. There are many Inbound Marketing companies. And surely, they all talk about this methodology, but very few apply it. How many clients have they worked with? What kind of strategies do they use? Have they achieved success stories with Inbound? Analyse their portfolio.
  2. Find out if it is a HubSpot partner agency. If the answer is yes, you have a lot of ground to cover, as it is the founding company of the Inbound methodology. Thanks to the evolution of its partner programmes, you can ensure the continuous improvement of the agency (Elite, Diamond, Platinum, Gold). Each of these levels is assigned according to the growth of the company and the achievement of customers through the Inbound methodology. In addition, they offer numerous opportunities for business growth (channel consultant, technical assistance, infinite integrations, visibility and other additional benefits).
  3. Check if the agency has success stories with Inbound- what has it done to achieve customer goals, what have the results been, and you will find the answers in the success stories.
  4. Check the company's values and culture- if you are like-minded and on the same page, you will avoid many misunderstandings. Going together is starting, staying together is progressing, working together is succeeding " - H. Ford
  5. Measure the agency's experience in marketing automation. This is one of the key points of any Inbound strategy, so you should analyse whether it has experience and what tools it uses. A good indicator will be to check whether it uses HubSpot software to automate all the processes of the strategy (workflow generation, lead nurturing, segmentation, email marketing campaigns, scheduling of publications on social networks, etc.).
  6. Advantages of hiring an Inbound Marketing agency: Check everything you can achieve with the agency, pros and cons (lead generation, web visits, customers, ROI, cost reduction...).
  7. Ask without fear: What does it offer, who are its team members, what tools does it use, how does it plan Inbound strategies for companies in your sector, how long does it take for the first results to be seen?

what if your company needs an Inbound agency?

Conclusions about Inbound Marketing

It should be a crime to use a gazillion words and then save the best for last, but what fun we had!

And as in any trip, now it's time to collect the best anecdotes:

  • Your strategy can be profitable with an agency specialised in Inbound Marketing.
  • Any company with a moderately well-done website can achieve great benefits. Can you imagine increasing your visits x4 in a year? We are telling you that you can do it with Inbound.
  • If the objective of this methodology is not to sell, your objective should never be to sell, but to seduce.
  • Remember who is the ideal person to buy your products (and your brand) and don't make the mistake of not knowing who you are targeting. Many companies overlook this detail, but if you know that your buyer persona is a woman between 25-35 years old, you already have the tone, format and channels in which you are going to connect with her. Otherwise, your strategy would be meaningless.
  • Customer experience is much more than a process. To begin with, it is putting yourself in the user's shoes. In other words, what do you need to experience on a website or in a sales process so that the next time you want to buy this product you return to it? What processes would you like to experience? How should you be treated?
  • Well-crafted content is the foundation of Inbound, and a good foundation allows you to build successful experiences. Whether it's a blog article, a newsletter, a video or a social media copy... You have to take care of it. Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing?(NeilPatel).
  • Be honest with the customer and don't sell him smoke. If you make him imagine that he is going to get into a time machine and suddenly you give him a tricycle, he is going to feel disappointed.
  • Work on building loyalty with your audience and strengthen the bond that unites you by sending them interesting information, offers, discounts, gifts and much more.
  • Inbound Marketing was born to bring together two parties destined to meet without having to go out looking for them: companies and potential customers.

Inbound is one of those things in life where, day by day, it seems that nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.

You are not going to get immediate results because the buying cycle is not fast, but when you have been working on your strategy for 1 year (even more), your business will have changed forever.

The best dishes are cooked over a slow fire. Occam Digital Agency not only knows this, but also applies it. Shall we talk about

pasos a seguir para una campana de marketing inbound

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