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Social Media Intelligence for decision making

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have you ever heard of Social Media Intelligence? Your answer can't go beyond the typical YES or NO, I've heard of it, right? But we are sure that you have witnessed this revolution on more than one occasion. What's more, you are going to see for yourself in this post, because we want to tell you what Social Media Intelligence is all about and how it is revolutionising the marketing of companies.

what do you think?

what is Social Media Intelligence?

It is the future. It is the present. But it is not the past. In the words of Epilson technologies, "it is a comprehensive and useful listening and monitoring process that provides a multidimensional view of the state of a brand on the internet, its comments, promotions, influencers and reputation". We are immersed in a real digital ecosystem. And best of all: we are divers who have decided to enter a submarine to navigate and inspect the digital context.

how does it influence your company's marketing decision-making?

Intelligence has become the added value of everything you step on. Intelligence for agriculture, for money financing, for electricity management... For everything.

have you ever thought about how many advantages you could get if you also joined Social Media Intelligence? Social networks are smart, and so are you, so you have the perfect combination to go FOR IT!

Thanks to this tool, brands can know what their audience's impression of them is, what their status is, their reputation, etc. In short, we can get very valuable information to use it properly, make informed, accurate decisions focused on our goals.

And not only that, but also optimise processes, save time and costs. It is no coincidence that today we are here talking to you precisely about intelligence in social networks. We are convinced that you have everything to get great results in this scenario.

Your time is limited, your dreams are not.

what advantages do brands get from Social Intelligence?

Of all the things that brands can achieve thanks to the intelligent side of their social networks, we would like to highlight the following:

  • It provides in detail the current state of the brand and its competitors, an ideal information to implement plans or strategies on the preferences of the potential audience.
  • Thanks to the information it provides, you can anticipate the actions of the competition and get ahead of them.
  • Make informed and accurate decisions.
  • It is a fully up-to-date solution that keeps pace with technology.
  • Itallows you to process the thousands of data obtained every day through social networks.

So if you still have any doubts about why Social Intelligence is becoming more and more fashionable, we encourage you to put it into practice and discover for yourself all the possibilities of the latest in Social Media.

how are you going to manage so much data if not through intelligence? How are you going to streamline your processes if not? Are you looking for a better understanding of your market, your consumers and competitors? Would you like to detect emerging social threats on the web and track them? What is the added value of your brand? How do you transmit it to your functional audience? Is it working?

As Guy Kawasaki said: "If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing, if you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing".

what's the taste in your mouth?

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