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10 techniques to position my website on google for free

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Organic positioning is one of the main strategies of companies in terms of digital marketing, it is an economical but very competitive option, to reach the top positions either in SEM or SEO tools, you have to invest money. To achieve a good SEO strategy, one of the most important factors is to know how to use the necessary techniques to help you with positioning. Below we show you a list of the 10 fundamental SEO techniques that you have to carry out yes or yes:

10 free techniques for positioning in Google

1. Content

The most basic SEO techniques without any kind of cost are for content. These are the ones that all companies know and use for their web positioning, the ones that are never missed.

Mainly we have the keywords, we must know how to define them very well and check that we add them frequently throughout the text, using variations depending on the topic or synonyms of the same to cover everything. With these we can create links that are directed towards other internal links that can expand the information that the user is looking for. The keywords must be kept in titles, subtitles and text to be effective.

Within the importance of having a title, a meta-description, subtitles, text and image, you have to know how to optimise them, it is not enough that they exist, but that they have the right number of words, that they include the keywords and so on.

2. Content value

It is not only important for the content to follow certain rules, it is also necessary that the content itself is of interest, and for this a certain degree of quality is needed , that the content is completely original and creative helps it to go viral as users will see it as quality content and will have a good mental image of the website. This helps users to share the content and it will go viral. A user will not share content if they do not consider it to be quality content.

3. Originality and topicality

Apart from the importance of publishing content regularly, this must be updated, users are not interested in content from a few months ago, they want to find the latest news on each topic and of course, that the information shared is truthful, real and is not a copy of another website.

You have to be able to offer your target audience the content they need.

4. Size does matter

Google not only rewards high quality content, it also rewards the length, when it is longer than 800 characters, it starts to be seen in google, but the more words it contains, the more likely it is that google will show it in the top positions to users. The visits will take very little time to arrive because google rewards you for offering quality content.

5. Audiovisual content is rewarded

Continuing with the content, not everything is based on the quality of the text, its veracity or originality, it is also very important the visual part, we must use images and especially videos in a coherent way, apart from getting a much higher number of users who want to visit the website, we will get google to position us in a natural way.

6. Responsive design

Continuing with the visual factor, the design is one of the most important parts, without responsive design your website will not be able to adapt to all devices and if the user does not see the website well from their phone or tablet, they will not want to browse the web and we will lose a potential customer.

If the website takes a long time to load, the user will go to another one, it is very likely that they will not wait the time it takes to load, so reducing the loading speed of your website by compressing images and videos or activating the cache is a sure hit that will prevent you from losing traffic to your website.

7. Organise content within the website

If your content is easily accessible within the same web page, it will be easier for the user to access your content. If you have everything divided into different tabs, this good organisation will be rewarded in the number of clicks.

8. Verified authors

There is a Google tool called Google AuthorShip which is used to link your articles and publications with your google profile, using this the author's name and image appears, which has a greater impact on SEO and increases the credibility of the blog, placing the author's image in the search engines. Generating this credibility and trust will increase the number of clicks, something fundamental in the SEO strategy.

9. External authors

It is not only important to verify ourselves as authors, something that is frowned upon and penalised on the internet is not to recognise external authorship, you must always cite the sources from which you have obtained the information because otherwise, this "falsehood" could go against your own company and create a bad image.

10. Optimise your website

Google does not reward slow or slow-loading websites in any way, as users will visit them less than other websites that do manage to load their content instantly. It sounds silly but a large part of our target audience will not wait if the page takes longer than three seconds to load.

What gets results is hard work and perseverance

In conclusion, there are countless techniques and tools that serve to position your website on Google for free, here we have compiled ten of the most common ones that are usually the main ones and those that work best, but there are many more. Whether these techniques or any other, what is clear is that to get results you have to have a quality work apart from perseverance and perseverance in your work. And this does not necessarily imply a large outlay of money, doing a good job with the techniques mentioned above and other free tools from Google, you can get a good SEO strategy and position yourself among the top positions.

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