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The rise of companies that follow the Inbound methodology

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Aim. Shoot. Are you in the mood?

Methodology equals a prepared path. A rigorous set of breadcrumbs that are followed to elaborate, define and systematise the growth process. Inbound is more than a methodology. It is a tailor-made, empathetic and contextualised path. What's your size?

Build your business brand as if you were building a city. Think about what you want it to be like, what type of product or service you are going to offer, what your differential value is, what type of relationship you want to have with your customers, what values you are going to transmit. Cities evolve .

If you want to be a transient accommodation, this is not your place, if you want to be a skyscraper, stay.

iNBOUND-SUCCESS? They've done it!

Dreaming is free, but what's the point of dreaming big if you don't know how to get there? Many, if not all brands, have strategic objectives of visibility, lead acquisition and loyalty: they want to have an online presence, increase visits to their website and attract sales opportunities to finally convert them into loyal customers to their brand.

  1. how are your customers going to find you?

When the need is stronger than thunder, customers and companies end up finding each other. It is a love destined to be as long as brands have what customers are looking for. The Inbound methodology is the tool in charge of making this happen. To unify all marketing actions, looking for the right sync between them, in social networks, blogs, emails. To make them all go hand in hand, with a common goal.

  1. Get to know your potential customers in depth

Everything starts with the definition of a buyer persona. That type of potential customer you want to reach, and what better way to do it than starting by creating content 100% adapted to their profile. What do they need? What problems do they have? What are their responsibilities? What are their objectives? How old are they? Put yourself in their shoes every time you write content. Guide them. Become a chameleon and personalise your actions. Believe us that they will feel at home every time they read the content. And best of all, it will reach them in a NATURAL way.

  1. Be patient.

The best dishes are cooked over a slow fire. Inbound Marketing takes time. It is not a typical campaign that represents an expense for the company. Inbound is an investment with which you will obtain long term results. You may start to notice the first changes 6 MONTHS after starting the strategy, but we assure you that 1 YEAR is the ideal time to see real results.

  1. do you want to see how the brands that have already done it have changed?

Let's mention 3 names that probably sound familiar to you: GoPro - Apple - Me gusta volar (Iberia). Three brands and one destination. What we were getting at. It has been during these last few years.

GoPro (GO ON!) develops, produces and sells high definition cameras. It has joined the creation of user videos to show its product, so it has created a climate of trust and closeness with its audience. It has long since said goodbye to intrusive advertising to create community and interactivity with those who really matter and who matter to them. It is clear who its buyer persona is and creates content that excites, that challenges, that aspires. It does not focus on the product.

apple (or PEAR?) designs and produces software, online services and electronic equipment. The user experience with them has always been a sum, never a subtraction. Browsing their website, asking a question, buying a product. Everything has been a unique user experience that they have achieved thanks to the creation of a content that makes you fall in love and that contributes. Exclusivity and expectation. The brand knows very well what the user needs and when they need it. The result? Authentic customers who are promoters of their brand.

I like to fly (Iberia) (AT WHAT HEIGHT?) An exclusive place for readers who love to travel, learn and fly to meet. It is an appointment with the most restless travellers. Those who are here today and who knows where tomorrow. This specialised blog has focused on this buyer persona, creating attractive content that is then shared on social networks. An action that demonstrates the airline's commitment and increases the confidence of users to fly.

You can do it with HubSpot, do you know it or don't you know it?

We like people who look for different things. At Occam we are attracted to the brave. To those who take the risk of taking risks. To those who bet on change and replacement. To those who try and don't stay with the desire. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

As a partner of HubSpot' s Inbound Marketing software platform , we've realised that traditional marketing is going blah-blah-blah. Companies are no longer in control, consumers are in the driver's seat.

Customers are more loyal as they feel the closeness and empathy of brands with them. They feel the attention and concern of companies for them and the resolution of their problems immediately. With HubSpot's CRM it is possible:

  • AUTOMATE, making the most mechanical tasks an automatic action that no longer robs us of time, processing data, integrating leads, etc. Potential agility!
  • SEGMENTING, launching arrows with a sharp aim in lists filtered by well-differentiated groups. The sales team will be eternally grateful.
  • UPDATE, constant and permanent, and if you hurry, in real time. Knowing what is happening at any given moment with the prospects provides greater power and control over the strategy.
  • INTELLIGENCE, for up-to-date analytics and synchronisation of the URL of your contacts' public profiles. Intelligence is in.
  • IMPROVED ROI, constantly measuring and reviewing your efforts in SEO, social media, blogging, email, etc.

do you want to turn your website into a magnet?

Make your customers fall in love, but don't crowd them

Our most sincere congratulations to the companies that are already part of the Inbound universe. We know that changes are not easy, even less so when we have been anchored to outbound marketing techniques that appeal to intrusion for a lifetime.

  • That go to the customer, because they don't know how to wait for them.
  • That give all their affection to the product, forgetting that it is the people they have to make fall in love with.
  • Neglecting their relationships.
  • And entering a stage of divorce with those who (they were supposed to) establish faithful and lasting relationships. Think of it this way.

Customers are not going to stay if they get nothing in return. Much less if you overwhelm them with information and pleas all the time. Don't run after someone who already knows where you are. Try to capture their attention in another way. Try with quality content that brings value and awakens their interest. You will see how they will decide to come to you.

If you don't care about anything, you're not doing the maths right.

how have companies changed since they started using Inbound Marketing?

We've taken a look at the latest State of Inbound report, with more than 6,200 people interviewed in 99 different countries and industries, HubSpot has found that "THE WORLD IS GETTING MORE INBOUND":

  • 75% of brands make it a marketing priority to convert their leads into customers.
  • 47% prefer to increase website traffic.
  • And around 45% dream of increasing the revenue coming from the customers they already have.

The point is that many companies have managed to simplify the work between Sales and Marketing. They have improved their visibility a lot. They have generated traffic and quality leads. They have seen the trust in their brand grow. They are more credible. The public believes in them a lot. They are more profitable and educate their target audience in the digital world in which they live.

ifyou've got the Inbound bug, get to know us, Occam is here for you.

¡Te ayudamos con tu integración con HubSpot!

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