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why is email marketing important in your digital strategy?

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Email marketing, also known as emailing or mailing, is a communication tool used to establish relationships with leads and customers. It is based on sending emails to a previously defined database of users or customers. If the emails are sent to current customers, the objective is loyalty. On the other hand, if they are sent to leads, the intention is to convert them into customers of the brand. Due to the evolution of digital marketing, these actions can be automated by artificial intelligence, achieving greater personalisation of the emails and improved results.

In 2022, email marketing has become one of the most profitable options to attract customers. It is a fast and effective action to reach any type of user. In addition, most people have configured their personal and professional email on a tablet or smatphone. This fact guarantees a higher opening rate of emails by supporting responsive design. The mailing is able to cover various functions and adapt to different stages of the buyer's journey. Sending emails at the optimal frequency will increase the positive perception of the brand and keep customers up to date with offers and news.

7 benefits of email marketing

1.Increased reach: Email is a universally used tool for personal and professional use, and responsive email design ensures a wider user reach.

2.Segmentation: Email marketing campaigns show a series of user data, which is stored for future segmentation strategies.

3.Versatility: It is a tool adaptable to any type of marketing campaign, its communicative content is customisable and modifiable.

4.Measurement: The application of mailing to a marketing strategy can be measured by paying attention to data such as the opening rate, click rate or bounce rate. In this way, its effectiveness is known. Another way to check its performance is to carry out A/B tests.

5.Immediacy: Users consult their inbox several times a day, so you can control the precision with which an email is sent to achieve an action. If you apply the correct frequency of sending to the right user, you can achieve conversions in the shortest possible time.

6.Lower investment: If the company has an updated and segmented database, the cost of sending an email is minimal. It is an affordable option for smaller companies.

7.Increased ROI: Email marketing campaigns are highly effective and guarantee an increase in ROI. Their low cost and high conversion rates are proof of this. Most online purchases originate from promotional emails or exclusive offers.

email marketingwhy is it important to create an email marketing strategy?

Emailing is essential in any digital marketing strategy due to its high accessibility. It allows you to connect with a wide variety of audiences and have a presence in the lives of consumers. In In Inbound Marketing, cultivating a good customer-company relationship is key to achieving an increase in sales. Therefore, you should take advantage of the direct communication that this tool offers.

By segmenting the contacts, the right message can be sent to the right audience. The inbound strategy can be implemented by synchronising the CRM with the contacts. Regardless of the size of the company, an emailing strategy must be defined to promote products and services in a human way.

Types of email marketing

Email marketing campaigns have a variety of formats, each one is used for a specific occasion and is oriented to a specific action, such as selling a product, updating a blog or downloading a free ebook, among others. The main types of email marketing are:

Automated email

This type of email is automatically activated when the user interacts with the company. Its objective is to maintain an active relationship with the customer based on their behaviour on the website, social networks or email.

Promotional email

Its objective is to promote content or product offers. In ecommerce, it alerts about physical or digital products such as ebooks or webinars. It increases lead conversion.

Welcome email

Sent to the prospect when they become a lead, these emails are designed to move the user through the sales funnel by nurturing them with relevant content.

Inactivity email

The objective is to increase the engagement rate and target those customers who show less reciprocity. You can adopt practices that show interest in the user's comfort, such as asking what content they want to receive, personalising advertisements or avoiding sending mass mailings.


This is the most immediate form of lead nurturing. It improves the relationship with your customers through continuous communication. They are used to promote the sale of new products or offer updated content. In addition, subscriptions provide user data useful for the marketing strategy.

email marketing4 success stories with email marketing

Uber Eats

Their email marketing strategy is based on giveaways. Uber Eats encourages the user to make a purchase through their application.


This company is the giant of sales and shows it in their email marketing campaigns. They receive a high opening and interaction rate due to their continuous catalogue updates. They show the user the products that have been sold the most or contain a greater offer. In addition, they take care of the design of their emails and carry out commemorative events to offer exclusive discounts.


Their strategies are characterised by encouraging in-store purchases. They show exclusive products and keep their audience up to date with price reductions, encouraging mass purchases of their products. They work on customer loyalty by reminding them of special events and offering exclusive promotions.


This bank fosters the relationship with its customers by humanising the brand. It achieves its objective by informing users of every movement in their account and strengthening their trust.

3 email marketing tools


This is the most popular marketing platform on the market. It has a CRM that is easy to integrate with multiple applications. Its email software is designed to optimise the sending of emails and obtain the best design for users. They create visually attractive emails and schedule them to be sent at the right time. In addition, the workflow can be visualised in real time.


One of the most popular email marketing tools, Mailchimp is recommended for beginners in the sector or start-ups. Its main functions include mailing automation, contact segmentation, A/B testing and email personalisation, among others.


Mailjet has several tools in one place. It specialises in transactional and promotional campaigns. It offers the possibility of advanced marketing reports and user tracking. In a single application, it combines two types of mailings that are essential for any brand.

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