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what is mailing and how to create a good strategy?

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There are more and more marketing strategies to get leads, we have to take them all into account, from the newest ones that appear to the first ones that appeared with digital marketing, did you think that mailing is a practice that has already been lost? You are very wrong! Doing a good mailing strategy, you will be able to convince as with any other strategy.

what is mailing?

Mailing, also known as email marketing, is a strategy that serves to attract customers and obtain sales through emails. It is not about being intrusive and sending large amounts of emails in which you include advertising your products, but to send your potential customers interesting content that they perceive as valuable content. This massive technique of sending commercial emails aims to sell, but also thanks to this we get loyalty and retain our customers because they will not forget about us so easily. This will also help us to generate more traffic and thus increase sales.

To be able to do this, we need some previous inbound marketing actions, getting the user to become a lead, we will be obtaining their data, among them, the email address. With this we will have already strengthened ties, it will not be so violent since the user is the one who has given us their email with the intention of receiving some type of content that they consider attractive or of value.

It is by convincing the user beforehand that you will be able to carry out an effective campaign, as the potential customer will also be winning by obtaining the information that interests them, while the company is making its products known in a non-intrusive way.

Differences between mailing and spam

Many users confuse mailing with spam, here is a list of the differences between the two so that there is no confusion.


  • The emails that users receive are with their consent, as they have provided their email address for this purpose.
  • The information that users receive is valuable content that they themselves find relevant and useful.
  • You can unsubscribe, i.e. stop receiving these emails at any time you wish.
  • The language in which you receive these emails is the language you have chosen.


  • The emails you receive are completely without your consent.
  • The information included in the emails is not relevant to the user and does not arouse their interest.
  • The messages are abusive and difficult to get rid of.
  • The emails may be in English or any other language.
  • Many of them may contain viruses for your computer or mobile phone.

This shows that the two are not only different, they are opposites, mailing is dedicated to providing the customer with valuable information to increase their interest. And spam creates unwanted discomfort.

how to make a perfect mailing strategy?

Now that we know that mailing and spam have absolutely nothing to do with each other, let's see how to create the best possible marketing strategy. Although it seems an old-fashioned strategy that is not going to give results, email marketing is still one of the key elements in online marketing. Here are a series of steps to create a good email marketing strategy.

  1. Define the purpose of your campaign
    As in any marketing strategy, the most important step that should always come first is to set the objectives of it. What do you want to achieve with your mailing strategy? You may want users to buy a certain product, fill out a form or request certain information, but whatever it is, it is important that the goal is very clear before you get to work on it.

  2. Segment your audience
    Using your database, what you should do now is to divide your contacts depending on their interests, creating these differentiated groups is essential to start with your strategy, taking into account that everyone has given prior notice of consent to receive these messages.

  3. Get organised
    You will need to establish a calendar in which to organise when to send what content to which segment of users. You may only want to send emails when you have a specific promotion, but remember that in order to build loyalty with your users, you need to send these emails frequently. Without overwhelming them, otherwise they may consider you spam and unsubscribe.

  4. Plan the hours
    Not only do you have to plan the frequency and days, you have to take into account that there are certain times when users are more likely to read your emails, as they will be more receptive to it. The most common are first thing in the morning, as they have just turned on the computer, or after lunch, where it is also very likely to check the mail.

  5. Prepare the content
    The content you use to include in your emails should be as attractive as possible, it has to catch the user's attention, it should not be too long and it is good if it has some urgency, such as "only until 4 November" or "last 24 hours".

  6. Powerful title
    The title is the most important thing in email marketing, because it depends on it that the user opens it or not, it has to be shocking and not too long so that it can be read in its entirety at first glance.

  7. Personalise it
    You already have the details of your user in your database, use them! Calling them by name will create a stronger bond and increase trust in you. This will increase if you also use a close and direct language.

  8. Make it easy to unsubscribe
    Users, so that you can send them your advertising via email, must give you permission and have subscribed, but it is also important that you provide them with the option to unsubscribe easily, there is a possibility that they may want to stop receiving your messages, do not prevent them or make it difficult for them to do so.

  9. Evaluate results
    A very important point in any marketing strategy is to evaluate the results once you have implemented your strategy, we return to the first point, in which we set the objectives, and check if they are being met or not. Then we can focus on refining some aspects to improve our mailing campaign.

In conclusion, if you work well your mailing strategy, you can get results very quickly and easily, following these steps, you will have the perfect email marketing strategy, what are you waiting for to implement your strategy?

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