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what does the social media sales funnel look like?

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Increasingly, it is important to take customers into account in any strategy, so it is important to carry out the sales funnel process accompanying them little by little until the purchase of the product or service. On the other hand, we have an open front with numerous possibilities that we must take advantage of, social networks.

what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel, also called a sales funnel or sales tunnel, is a digital marketing strategy in which a company creates a process by which it contacts different users to reach a final goal of conversion, in which the users end up as leads in our database. In simpler terms, a sales funnel consists of attracting strangers, converting them into leads and later transforming them into customers by increasing their purchase frequency.

what is a sales funnel for?

In order for you to understand the importance of this process within your strategy, we are going to discuss the benefits that you can obtain.

  1. You generate trust
    It is very important, or rather primordial, that you generate trust in your potential customers. If you do not show yourself as a reference in your sector and give them the confidence that your brand is of quality, they will not trust you enough to buy your products.
  2. Strangers will be customers
    This is an essential step, you will get users for whom you are mutual strangers, to become customers, because being users who do not know your brand, they are not ready to buy, but preparing them throughout the buying process, they will be much closer to making that purchase decision that is our main goal.

  3. Increase turnover

    What we need when creating a sales funnel is that it is profitable and helps us to increase the company's profits. We will achieve this by offering our customers different products that meet their needs.

  4. Improve your conversion rate
    Attracting people to your website is all very well, but what is really important is that these users end up becoming customers, thanks to a sales funnel, you yourself will go through the path with them to achieve this.

Characteristics of a social media sales funnel

Let's start with a fact, according to a study by Neil Patel, 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they have heard good things about it on Facebook. 68% are more likely to buy our products if they have previously read an article about it on Twitter.

We must take into account before embarking on this process that selling on social networks is a longer process than traditional commerce, although the diffusion is greater and faster, it usually gives results in the long term, it is not something immediate, which is because the brand, at the beginning of the strategy, still has to make itself known, it is necessary to attract customers little by little and gradually optimise the content.

how to build a sales funnel on social networks?

Since the emergence of social media, it has become one of the most important initiatives in any marketing strategy, you have to adapt everything to social media and use it to implement your business. Complementing all the advantages of social media with the sales funnel leads to optimise the strategy. The social media sales funnel can be divided into five parts:

  1. Awareness
    Companies try to generate awareness within social media, this is done through a good content strategy in which we attract quality followers generating brand awareness so that they know they can count on the brand to solve their problems.

  2. Pinterest
    You can't forget about your followers, if you have quality followers, you must offer them valuable content, it is also very positive to look for creative ways to attract customers. A good content strategy helps a lot at this point, as quality content is the basis, it also serves to show the interest of your customers dialogue with them and respond to their queries as quickly as possible.

  3. Offer
    After this, the next step would be to make offers or promotions exclusively for your followers within social networks, this is where brands show that they think about their customers and that their products can meet their needs.

  4. Convert
    Creating a landing page will help us to convert our potential customers into leads, which will help us to implement sales and increase our database. Using a CTA, we can direct users directly to where they want to go, so as not to lose their attention and thus their purchase.

  5. Share
    There is a last step, which is very beneficial for the company, sharing all this content that we have planned can turn a simple customer into a brand lover of the brand itself. What generates more confidence within social networks is to listen to the opinion of a satisfied customer.

Stages of the social media sales funnel

We have already seen the steps to follow when building a sales funnel on social networks, now let's see what are the stages of that funnel within social networks.

  1. Brand awareness: users begin to know the brand because they see on their friends' social networks how they interact with it or publish some kind of content.
  2. Familiarity: These same users also start to interact with your brand on social networks.
  3. Consideration: The moment when the user starts to analyse your content and ask you questions about your products or services.
  4. Purchase: Once they have passed the consideration phase and are clear that they want to buy your product, they will go on to purchase it by clicking on your ads.
  5. Loyalty: By following you on social networks, it is easier for there to be continuous engagement, which makes customers much more loyal, because if they have any kind of problem with your brand, they will be able to send you a message on social networks.

The conclusion is that customers are not going to approach your brand and buy without a process in which they learn about the different benefits that your brand will bring them, so creating a sales funnel within your social media strategy is a sure hit.

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