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Video as part of the conversion funnel

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Strength. Consistency. Dedication. What about your funnel? It is a representative, graphical idea designed to see and understand the process your prospects follow. No more questions about where your users are at. No more uncertainty about which marketing actions are the most suitable when the prospect is in the first stage of discovery.

why are we telling you this?

Because with the advent of the internet things have changed. Because video is a perfect tool to be applied in the different phases of the conversion funnel. How? WE SHOW YOU!

which formats are the most appropriate for each phase of the conversion funnel?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand texts. The eyes go to the movement, the colour, the shapes, and meanwhile, the ear makes sense of what we see.

The conversion funnel is ideal for turning your marketing results around. Do you already know what information pill to offer your users when they have their first contact with you?

Discovery Phase.

  • A spot about the BOOM in your sector.
  • Or a tutorial to get them out of doubt.
  • With infographics with data of interest to your audience.
  • And branded content to make them happy, memorised and loyal to this audiovisual party.
  • an example: Pavofrio's Me gusto campaign.

Consideration phase.

  • You already have the interest of some leads, so show them some trends, catalogues, etc. Guide them
  • Guide them through the funnel.

Decision phase.

  • Tell them why you are different, what you have that they can't find in your competitors, your customers have the say.
  • Your customers have the floor. Show them testimonials, webinars..
  • Whatever you want, but make an impact on their motivation.
  • A bit of online sales like Shopping for TrueView doesn't hurt at the most sensitive moment either. The user already knows the product.

Loyalty phase.

  • did you think we were done? This is the MOST important phase. The one that many brands forget. And so it happens...
  • You've invested a lot of time and effort in converting strangers into customers of your brand, so why not make them loyal to it too?
  • Use formats that are interactive, of value, close to your customers

From conversion funnel to flywheel

Over the last year, there has been talk of saying goodbye to the conversion funnel. To the marketing and sales funnel . Even more so since the Inbound 2018 event, where we talked about the arrival of the FLYWHEEL with HubSpot. New. Disruptive. A wheel that changes the way we understand the customer journey. The conversion funnel is not going away. It's just transforming itself.

Flyweheel is a breakthrough. The new way of understanding that the purchase cycle does not end at an end point, but is a continuous cycle in which the customer buys from us again and again. Loyalty. Repeat with your brand.

In recent years there have been important changes in the way we think about marketing, and video has more place than ever in its phases: ATTRACT - ENGAGE - DELIGHT

you want to make your wheel turn, give it power, make it spin and keep it spinning. This way, the customer will buy from you again and again. Achieve maximum profitability and apply video to give power to each of your actions.

ready to take off? Let yourself be seen, let yourself be known, because nothing worthwhile can be taught.

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