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what is offline inbound marketing and how does it benefit my strategy?

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For all of us who are linked to the world of online marketing, it is difficult to think of strategies that are offline, but it is still the world in which we live and people continue to interact with physical objects, so we must not forget about it.

Offline actions are lagging behind due to several problems, on the one hand the costs, it is much more expensive offline marketing than online, and on the other hand there is little or no process automation.

what is inbound marketing?

Before we get into the concept of inbound marketing online, let's take a general look at what inbound marketing is all about in order to better understand this post. Inbound marketing is based on creating lasting relationships with our customers and clients, helping them to achieve their goals during each of the stages they go through with the company.

Let's now look at three ways in which we can apply this online methodology:

  1. Attract: It basically focuses on attracting the attention of potential customers through valuable content that makes them see that we are a reference in those topics of interest that we are offering them.
  2. Interact: If we maintain a relationship with our potential customers and we take into account their needs and objectives, the chances of them buying our products and services will increase.
  3. Delight: Getting our customers to succeed because of the help and tools we provide them will make them trust us and we will achieve customer loyalty.

what is offline inbound marketing?

When we talk about offline inbound marketing we are talking about a methodology in which marketing, like online marketing, is in charge of capturing leads to convert them into customers, the difference is that offline inbound marketing does it from offline elements.

This arises after discussing the concept of inbound marketing, which we try to bring to reality. The emergence of inbound marketing brings us a lot of devices that capture leads offline getting sales instantly. But to achieve this we need to generate a reward in users that encourages them to leave their data. Something like a promotion, a game ... That is, the offline inbound marketing collects data from users rewarding them for it to store them later in a database. This does not allow to start with them the whole process by which we convert those leads into customers automatically. Of course, users must accept the use of their data for the above purposes, otherwise, we would not be complying with the strict rules of data protection.

What is clear is that offline inbound marketing machines are a new trend that is gradually entering the current market. A good example to understand it are the events, they have become the perfect place to implement this offline inbound marketing strategy, one of the ideas used in events is to reward attendees with a photograph after they provide us with their data.

Differences with online marketing

The difference between the two is basic, online marketing is a type of marketing that makes use of digital channels to communicate with the audience, while offline marketing does not use these channels but uses more traditional media, such as the press, television, radio, brochures and posters or the typical promoters who go out to conduct surveys on the street. This is obviously the main difference, but there are more elements that differentiate online marketing with offline.

The next distinguishing element between the two is the way in which we measure results and the methods that are used, online marketing is based on much more accurate and precise methods and tools when it comes to quantifying those results, on the other hand, offline marketing has much more inaccurate methods as it is based and depends almost entirely on surveys, which are neither easy to obtain, nor reliable, as people can lie, Google statistics cannot.

Finally, we are faced with an essential difference, and that is that online marketing can use both inbound and outbound marketing, but offline marketing basically relies on outbound to carry out its campaigns.

But we have to be clear about one thing, and that is that both strategies can go hand in hand, and it is very feasible to do so, and if they are well combined, very good results can be obtained.

how can I succeed in my offline marketing strategy?

Here are five ways in which you can boost your advertising campaigns thanks to offline marketing.

  1. Take advantage of mass media
    This is one of the easiest methods when it comes to offline marketing, but it is also the most costly, as advertising on television, radio or in the press is more expensive than advertising on the internet, especially because if the advertising you launch is an advertisement, you will also have to prepare the content, which increases the cost.

  2. Sponsor events
    If there are events taking place in your city, what better way to take advantage of them than by sponsoring them and putting the name of your brand inside the event so that everyone can get to know it. And depending on the way you work, you may even be able to sell during that event.

  3. Attend industry events
    Attending other events in your sector or related sectors can help you not only to promote yourself, but also to learn from them and continue to grow as a company, without forgetting to create commercial relationships that can lead to business opportunities.

  4. Conduct surveys
    The best way to find out what your customers think is to conduct surveys, these should be done when there are no other factors around that can influence the customer's decision. This can give you a wide variety of responses that come directly from your audience, which you can use to improve their satisfaction and experience.

  5. Street marketing
    This marketing is based on creativity, by creating our own events in the street we can attract the attention of the public, which helps word of mouth marketing to emerge and boost our strategy, which can help to go viral without the need to use social media.

After reading this post, who wouldn't bet on offline inbound marketing? Don't just focus on your online marketing strategies and open paths that will lead you to great opportunities.

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