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Disadvantages of video marketing

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The problem for many companies and a lot of users is that they do not fully understand basic concepts such as video marketing.

did you know that video marketing is one of the biggest trends for 2021? That more than 81% of brands are using video marketing today? This is what a HubSpot study reveals. However, many brands are unaware of the real advantages and disadvantages of this tool. And we say disadvantages because we would be lying if we told you that there are none. As the saying goes, "all that glitters is not gold".

So, what can we expect from video marketing?

Video, the preferred format for the new generations

Video is the fashionable format. The ideal marketing content to reach the new generations (Y, Z) to connect with them in a fast, direct and emotional way. They were born in the universe of immediacy and technologies. In the here and now. And that makes the consumption of audiovisual content on the Internet one of their preferences.

While millennials consume content on platforms such as streaming, centennials prefer other social networks such as TikTok, IGTV and YouTube. The most important thing for brands that want to attract this type of audience is to understand their interests. The reasons are clear: TikTok offers short videos and original content, just like Snapchat. With YouTube it is easy to learn new things in a simple way. And IGTV connects very well with young audiences.

All in all, these platforms are the favourite habitats for video.

are you looking for originality and immediacy? What does your audience value most in the content you offer? Is it meaningful and authentic? Think about it.

Video, video, video

Video has always been that format designed to meet your better half, i.e. a potential audience that wants to understand messages quickly and clearly. And it is also designed to capture the user's attention through valuable content. Get to know its story!

Back in 1941, the first video marketing advert was made. Needless to say, it was not like today's pieces, but we assure you that it marked a before and after in audiovisual advertising on television. How can something so old be so modern at the same time?

Easy answer: video is a tool with a huge power of attraction. YouTube was the icing on the cake when it was launched in 2005. Now, it is already a place of reference for any user or brand. In fact, the Director of Inbound Training & Video Strategy IMPACT himself, Zach Basner, revealed to us at HubSpot's last Inbound event the importance of creating a business YouTube channel to generate leads.

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to set up a proper strategy on your channel, because YouTube is a powerful lead generation machine. Now and always.

how many times have you struggled to attract new leads while forgetting to create the right content? What have you done to optimise it? Are you clear on the pros and cons of video marketing?

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