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what are bumper ads? Video marketing trends

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do you think you don't know what bumper ads are? Maybe you don't know them by name, but we assure you that you have seen them. Bumper ads are those mini videos, those mini ads that pop up when you open a YouTube video. Those 6-second videos that can be so useful for your marketing campaign .

what are bumper ads?

Bumper ads are the promotional videos that appear on YouTube just before the video we were going to watch starts. When these advertising videos are excessively long, nobody watches them, precisely because the option to skip the advert appears as soon as the first few seconds have passed.

However, what bumper ads aim to do is to launch their promotional message in those 6 seconds so that people watch the whole advert and have not had time to get bored of it and skip it.

When we are waiting to watch a video that we have specifically searched for on YouTube, the last thing we want is for a one minute or longer advert to pop up before it starts. This way, we will end up skipping it, as we will not be interested and we will not even pay attention to find out what it is about. On the other hand, if a 6 second advert appears, which does not even give us time to skip it, it will make us watch it, as we will not mind waiting 6 seconds to watch our video.

This is the moment to succeed in your video marketing strategy. Users will be attentive to your ad and you must give everything for your brand in those few seconds so that viewers feel attracted.

In fact, according to the latest data collected by Google's Consumer Barometer tool , 89% of users use mobile phones to watch videos. On smartphones, bumper ads work very well as they are a brief and visual way to quickly attract the viewer. As they cannot change tabs while the ad is playing, they are usually positioned at the beginning of the video, but they can also appear in the middle or at the end.

For all these reasons, bumper ads are the new trend in video marketing. If we manage to summarise the key points of our brand in 6 seconds in a clear way, we will generate a very strong attraction to our brand in the user.

It is important that we focus on communicating only one thing. In such a short video marketing we cannot want to explain too many things at the same time. It is better to focus on a single element and develop it in an original and creative way.

According to Google's analysis, what is most successful in bumper ads is to show a shot of the product or service we want to sell in order to visually attract the viewer's attention.

Advantages of using bumper ads in marketing

As you will have deduced from what you have been reading throughout the post, bumper ads are not only the most successful trend in video marketing, but they also have many advantages for our brand.

It is a good way to advertise because there are more and more studies and cases of brands that have been successful using this new format for advertising.

Other advantages of using bumper ads are:

  • A very high reach: YouTube, the main platform for consuming videos, has 1.5 billion users globally, so when we place our advertising bumper ads on this platform, we are achieving a huge reach that will bring our brand closer to millions of users.

  • Take advantage of technologies: Google Adwords allows us to section by targets to show our ad to those users to whom our brand can really have an impact. Therefore, thanks to this tool we can section by age, geographic area, gender, marital status..

  • Boost your brand: As we have said, by having such a high reach, they will give greater visibility to our brand and allow many more users to get to know us, how our brand works and what kind of products or services we can offer, because even if the ad lasts only 6 seconds or less, if we capture the user's attention they will consult Google about us and visit our website to find out more.
  • They improve our marketing strategy: Including videos in our marketing plan is a good idea as it is an increasingly effective way to advertise, so bumper ads will give us publicity and visibility to our business, which will help our marketing strategy to be spread in all possible media: including digital media.
  • They condense the information: As they are such short videos, bumper ads allow us to concentrate the message in a very effective and simple way and will also help our brand to focus on what we really do, and how we want to transmit it to our future customers.

  • They are very economical: One of the things that worries us most when we develop a marketing plan is knowing how much the strategies we want to carry out are going to cost us. Bumper ads, however, are not a reason to worry because they are really economical. On YouTube it works by CPM bidding technology, that is, we will pay for that ad every time it has been shown a thousand times, until then we will not.

  • They are not intrusive or annoying: What worries marketing the most is to be intrusive with the user. Bumper ads are not intrusive with the user's privacy or annoying as they have a very short duration.

  • They cannot be skipped: One of the most useful things about videos being so short is that the viewer cannot skip the advert. After six seconds, the option to skip the advert appears, but if we make it shorter, as is the case with bumper ads, they will not be able to do so and we ensure that they end up watching it.

  • They have a good performance: Bumper ads have a good performance on mobile devices, as we mentioned before, and the mobile device is the device used by almost all users to consume online videos.

In summary, we can conclude that bumper ads are a new trend in video marketing that can ensure success when it comes to advertising. Now we know how bumper ads can help us to promote our brand more and reach further. Do you want to create bumper ads for your brand?

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