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why is video so important in the digital age?

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It seems like an obvious question, doesn't it? And it is, because the answer lies in its very wording. Video is important in this era precisely because they share a common philosophy: digitalisation. If video were not digital, it could not even be called video.

Of course, the ways in which it is created and manifested have changed. The video of 10 years ago is not the same as the video of today. Neither is its objective. Not even the form. Nowadays, either because of the presence of brands and consumers on social networks, or because of the advantages provided by its format, video has found its place in the world of marketing.

However, video marketing is a project that needs to be taken slowly, and why? Simply because it must be a solid decision, not taken lightly, and it involves teamwork in which a unique brand image must be projected.

We like to say this to our clients: "you have to take a risk" (or as the saying goes, "no guts no glory"). You too are probably very comfortable using marketing methods that have been with you for years. But the winds of change are blowing, and that forces businesses to renew themselves.

Yes, we know, it's always hard to let go of what you've been, what you've experienced, but what if we look for new continents to promote content?

Landing in the digital age

We can't give recipes for the perfect behaviour in the digital era, there is no such thing. We are aware that this is not the first time someone talks to you about the digital era, nor the second, nor the third, and probably not the last. However, today we have landed on this post with the aim of telling you how it relates to video marketing. And there we have something to tell you.

here we go!

Just take a look at the large number of headlines that share these two concepts in the same line. Video marketing and the digital era go hand in hand, because audiovisual content has flooded the world in which we live. It is no wonder, because people, in general, and brands, in particular, have found in this tool an essential way to present their products and services, to make themselves known, to tell you anything related to their industry, and so on.

The sequence of sound and image provokes an emotional charge in the receivers. Did you know that emotions are the basis of any person's decision making? We are not the only ones to say it, but history and human behaviour also affirm it. It is enough to take a look at the advertisements of big brands that use storytelling to generate stimuli.

Let's mention, for the time in which we are, the Christmas lottery ads, such as the Carmina story in 2016, or this year's Ruavieja campaign. Surely you have seen yourself reflected in one of them, or even had a little itch stirred inside you that made your skin crawl. The music, the story and a tradition have been enough to generate a surprising impact on the public. This is also part of video marketing, did you know that?

In a nutshell

We cannot deny the importance of video in the digital era. It is the perfect scenario for video to come into play. Millions of internet users watch and share them on their walls every day. Its impact is immense, and it is the most demanded product of today's users.

Video marketing is a journey into the future, and its next stop could be you.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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