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Audiovisual production: a new way to get clients

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is there really a boom in audio-visual production?

Yes, indeed, from corporate videos to streaming video, but these are just two of the thousands of trends with the greatest potential that are emerging in the business world. More and more users and customers are opting for video consumption before making a purchase decision. Moreover, "after watching a video about products or services, 50% of users look for more related information", and as a result, almost 90% of online marketers generate video content.

As a result, almost 90% of online marketers generate video content. It's a fact of life - if users consume video, companies generate video content. That's just a theory, but underlying this phenomenon are a multitude of reasons why users prefer video content: it's easier to understand, it helps them retain more information, and it's entertaining.

but what about companies, what types of video are most in demand, why hire an audiovisual production agency, who is involved in the process, what does an audiovisual producer do?

Better stay and find out for yourself.

Corporate video and streaming: the present of companies

It is no coincidence that we are talking about corporate video and streaming in the context of audiovisual production in companies in 2021. They are two different realities, but with the same backdrop.

  • Corporate video

On the one hand, corporate video is the highest point of direct production to the heart of the audience. To begin with, it presents the brand values, facilities, products and services, processes and experiences in a close, simple and truthful way. In short, everything a brand has to say who it is and what it does with the best face. To this, it goes without saying that video is the best letter of introduction, the most effective way of making itself known - even more so than any slogan.

It is powerful, more powerful than any post or infographic. It has emotional punch, which awakens feelings and emotions. And it is as impressive as any other. And as if this were not enough, it also improves the company's image, increases the feeling of belonging to the company, retains more information than a written text, communicates any message in movement, is easily consumed, is fun, differentiates you, is easily shared, favours engagement and improves the conversion rate.

In short, everything you dreamed of but in a single audiovisual piece.

  • Video streaming

Yes, technology continues to evolve and now even allows audio and video files to be transmitted in a continuous flow through an internet connection, which is what streaming is. But what is the real attraction for companies and how does it influence their customer acquisition strategy?

When a user accesses streaming content, there is a continuous exchange of information from which it is difficult to escape. It is a live event, and that always arouses curiosity and interest. Not only does it make it easier for companies to communicate with customers quickly and directly, it also attracts quality consumers and improves the image of the brand itself, giving a sense of greater professionalism and effort that will be valued by the public.

If you are looking to get more customers, you will be interested to know what role the producer plays and what types of video can achieve this goal.

what does an audiovisual producer do to make videos that attract clients?

Bearing in mind that video is the format most consumed by your potential clients, you don't want to miss the opportunity to know which ones attract their interest the most. And not only that, they also convert visits into leads and leads into clients.

The role of the audiovisual producer is a key professional profile in a production company or audiovisual production agency. Let's say that he is responsible for controlling all the necessary resources to achieve the communicative piece you want. That is, whether it is recorded or picked up live. He is the thinking head behind every idea.

His role is fundamental in the final result of the video. Of course, he must also know the types of pieces that most favour the attraction of clients in companies, such as these that we share with you now:

  • Explanatory videos. It is a format that perfectly complements textual information in audiovisual format. MotionGraphics are the great ally of this type of video, as together they generate an illustrative, entertaining and direct format. It is the perfect blend of graphic design, animation and sound, which gives a plus to your brand.
  • Event presentation videos. Now that we are gradually returning to normality and business events are returning to their places, it is time to consider these pieces. Whether to hold a meeting, inaugurate a new business or simply attend a meeting with your community of users, tell it on video! It generates brand image, improves positioning and attracts traffic to your website.
  • Problem-solution videos. If your customers are looking for you, they are actually looking for a solution to their problem or need. Therefore, if you identify with them, pose the problem and make them see through a video that you have the perfect solution for them, you will have much more chances of them buying your products or services. Imagine you are a company that offers document management software. Your video could show a person asking questions such as "How to save costs? How to increase productivity? How to digitise my documents?

But that's not the best part: everything you achieve through video can be measured with real metrics that measure the impact of your audiovisual pieces: viewing time, average duration, audience retention, clickthrough rate, interaction... In other words, you can make better decisions based on real data!

would you like to know in depth the role of the producer and the most appropriate video to get customers?

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