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what advantages do I get from Digital Marketing?

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Today's world is in a continuous process of evolution. The development of Information Technology has brought a wealth of new techniques to transform your business model. Many of these techniques can be found on the Internet.

Today, if your company is not on the Internet, you do not exist. The Internet has become one of the great platforms to sponsor your company. Online presence is key to continue competing in the market.

Nowadays, the Internet is a part of people's lives. They cannot be disconnected from the network. It is increasingly difficult to see people disconnected from their mobile phones, because with just that small object, you have a whole new world at your fingertips.

It is thanks to this that new marketing strategies have been created and introduced in this digital world, such as Digital Marketing. In this post we are going to tell you what Digital Marketing is, the main strategies of this type of marketing and the advantages of introducing this technique in your business.

what is Digital Marketing?

The concept of marketing refers to the set of techniques that are used to improve the marketing of a company's products. However, if we add the word digital to this, it takes on a new meaning, the essence is the same.

The essence is the same: Digital Marketing are the techniques that are used to improve the marketing of a product within the digital environment.

how is this done? Companies use the main web channels to achieve their marketing objectives. Marketing techniques are executed on Internet media and channels.

It is mainly about taking advantage of all the functionalities that the Internet has to offer to improve the marketing of a product. In this way we boost that business in an efficient way.

Having mentioned all of the above, we can define Digital Marketing as the system through which products and services are advertised, promoted and sold to a specific public that uses the Internet through online channels and tools in a strategic and convenient way with the general marketing strategy of a company.

Its main objective is to promote our business on the Internet. The main channels used for the promotion of its products are social networks, digital advertising and e-mail marketing.

Main Digital Marketing strategies


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of strategies and techniques that consist of improving a website to achieve a good positioning in search engine results. SEO strategies are one of the most used by companies today. The optimization of these search engines is done by including keywords, phrases related to our business and links in the content we publish. The main objective is to increase traffic or number of visitors to our website.


Search Marketing or SEM is one of the most popular search tools in Google. It is all those marketing actions that occur within a search engine. It aims to optimise the visibility of our website through search engines. This concept also covers search engine advertising. This refers to the payment of a company to a search engine such as Google to appear among the first search engines.

Social Media

The use of social media as a channel to reach an audience. According to the Digital 2021 Report, the most used social networks are currently TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They are the main tool through which a brand can build or maintain the reputation of its company.

E-mail Marketing

Companies send e-mails to a target audience offering information about their products and services. The aim is to capture potential customers or leads, as well as retain existing customers. It is a very powerful tool for building customer loyalty.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategy through which content is created and disseminated with the intention of reaching, attracting and connecting with consumers. This content comes in the form of articles, videos, podcasts or infographics.

It must be content that deals with topics related to the company, which may be of interest to the user and must have the ability to answer the doubts or solve the problems of a customer or lead.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Universal medium

Digital Marketing is not governed by a specific location. It is a medium that can reach any point on the planet. It allows you to take your business anywhere in the world. You have the possibility of positioning your brand and your products without geographical or time limitations.

  1. Measurable

You have total control of your campaigns in real time. When carrying out a Digital Marketing campaign, everything can be measured. Thanks to digital marketing tools, we can obtain the results of our campaigns in a much faster way.

In this way, you can measure the success of your actions thanks to the fact that you will get all the details of your results. You will know the number of people who have entered your website, who they were, which sections they have visited the most and how long they have stayed on your website.

  1. Interactive

Digital Marketing strategies, especially in social networks, allow you to create a community around your brand. This is the tool that will allow you to have direct feedback with the consumer. Knowing your customers and maintaining communication with them is key to developing a good Digital Marketing strategy.

  1. Profitable

Digital Marketing strategies are much more profitable and economical than traditional marketing strategies. In Digital Marketing you have a wide range of tools that you can use to promote your business.

They are tools that are accessible to almost everyone, very economical and allow you to reach a target audience in a simpler and more affordable way.

  1. Better segmentation

Digital Marketing allows you to make a much more personalised segmentation, allowing you to focus all your efforts on the target audience you want to reach.

You will be able to address people of a certain age, with specific tastes, a clear level of education and specific lifestyle habits, which will help you to carry out campaigns adapted to each audience profile.

Digital Marketing has brought with it tools that are vital to promote our business. It is a technique that allows us to reach the audience in a much cheaper and simpler way than with traditional marketing. What are you waiting for to incorporate these marketing strategies into your business model?

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