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Keys to a good SEO audit

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Performing an audit of our website is essential to know if we have failures and where they are in order to correct them. Today we tell you how to do it. Stay tuned!

what is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is basically an analysis of our website, but then we must correct the errors found and implement the necessary improvements to make our website more optimal. Because for the optimisation to continue working and the traffic to our website to keep flowing we must constantly take care of it. Also, before starting the audit you must observe these three factors on your website to be able to perform it correctly:

  • Usability: The usability of our website is an essential feature not only for SEO positioning but also for the user himself. This means that we must know if there are links that no longer work, if our website takes too long to load due to the weight of the images we have placed on it, if the display of our website is adapted to all devices from which it is visited, and so on.
  • Optimisation: Google will position us higher or lower in the search results based on multiple requirements: the bounce rate, the number of external and internal links that we usually use in our publications, if other blogs of the competition with authority link to our publications, if we make a correct use of the keywords...
  • Security: When we all enter a website, especially those where we are going to make a purchase and provide our banking and personal details, we choose those that our browser marks as secure. Therefore, our role as owners of the website is to prevent any third party from wanting to enter it for fraudulent purposes.

Claves para realizar una buena auditoría SEO

what are the keys to a good SEO audit?

  1. Verify: We have to make sure and verify that the main URLs of our website can be crawled by users and that when entering them in the search engine or linking to them they do not appear as broken links. If the positioning of our website is based on how other authority blogs are linking to our posts or users are sharing content we cannot offer a URL that will not work as users will lose interest in us.
  2. Check: As we mentioned before, checking the loading speed of our website is a fundamental aspect to offer a website with usability. If our website does not load correctly or the images cannot be seen because they are too heavy and take too long to load, the user will not find it very attractive to continue browsing it. On the other hand, if we check these aspects, we will be ensuring that the visibility of our platform is correct.
  3. Study: Studying the structure of our website is also essential to detect errors. This will be known by taking into account both the user's experience when browsing our website and by checking the internal links we place in our publications. A clear and structured organisation of our website will help the person to know where they can find what they are looking for. That is why it is also important to check if the internal links work because if the reader is consulting something and wants to access the linked site they will find themselves lost if the search gives them an error and they will end up abandoning the navigation.
  4. Evaluate: Google or any other search engine will take into account the quality of the content we offer to position us better or worse. This means that we must evaluate the content we are publishing and if we are making a correct use of the keywords and if they fit the content we are publishing and the line of our brand.
  5. Attract: If we have many visits to our website but very few purchase actions or expressions of interest, it means that the audience we are attracting is not the right one, as they are not interested in our content.
  6. Analyse: We must not only analyse ourselves internally, we must also analyse external factors, such as the competition or market trends. If we analyse how our competition is performing, in terms of SEO or positioning, we will be able to see where we are failing and we will know how we can improve. It is also important to analyse market trends as we must update our website as they change so that the customer can always find what they are looking for.
  7. Perform: Once we have verified, checked, studied, attracted, analysed and evaluated other factors we can perform an off-page SEO analysis and detect opportunities that influence the external positioning of our website as a whole.

Claves para realizar una buena auditoría SEO

Remember that by performing an SEO audit you will be able to know what mistakes you are making when positioning your website and, in turn, you can correct them to improve the optimisation of it. In the same way, if you correct the optimisation, you will improve customer visits and, therefore, all the benefits for the brand. It's your time!

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