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10 marketing uses of ChatGPT

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what is ChatGPT and how can companies use it to develop marketing actions?

Artificial intelligence is one of the main current trends in digital marketing and its development is unstoppable, which is why more and more projects are emerging that use this discipline. One of them is the recent but already popular ChatGPT.

This prototype was developed last year by the company OpenIA and is free to use, although they plan to monetise it in the future. In this way, it is a chatbot ( which you can access by clicking here) with a highly developed sense of contextualisation and which analyses market trends. Even so, it is important to bear in mind that ChatGPT does not replace humans and that, of course, it has a margin of error.

You have to take advantage of ChatGPT opportunities with caution and without using "copy-paste". In this sense, it is essential to review and check your answers, as well as to adapt your messages to a more natural, personal language, in line with your brand. Remember that, above all, quality is above quantity, and ChatGPT cannot be an excuse to publish 50 articles a day without any kind of supervision.

Now that we know this artificial intelligence better, let's see how we can use it in the marketing sector. Let's get started!

Content idea generation

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for finding ideas that will allow your company to create its own content, which can be targeted at social media posts or web entries aimed at improving your brand's SEO positioning.

so how can this artificial intelligence help you? If you go to the chat, you can ask it to offer you scripts for TikTok videos, ideas for Instagram stories or article outlines based on keywords. In fact, it also makes suggestions for keywords related to a specific topic that you could use in your strategy.

For example, following the example in the image below, OCCAM asks: "What SEO article can I write about digital marketing?" ChatGPT responds with a possible title and a text structure idea with introduction, body and conclusion.

10 usos del ChatGPT aplicados al marketing

Content creation

In addition to being a great source of ideas, ChatGPT can also create content itself that you can use in your strategy. As an artificial intelligence-based language service, it cannot generate images or sounds.

However, you can ask it to write copy for a particular social media outreach, a full article or the script for a video on a particular topic, so you can use all this material as inspiration to shape your own content.

10 usos del ChatGPT aplicados al marketing


Similar to Google Translate, ChatGPT can also adapt the texts you send it to the language of your choice, taking into account the cultural context of each language and interpreting sentences without translating word for word.

Although this is not the most innovative functionality of this artificial intelligence, it is very useful for speeding up the work of creating content from foreign sources of information. In fact, it can also help you to hold written conversations with other professionals in a language that you do not fully master.

10 usos del ChatGPT aplicados al marketing


ChatGPT not only has the ability to write or translate, but it can also correct spelling mistakes in a text you send it or answer specific queries. This can speed up the content review process and facilitate a task that is generally not given enough importance.


When it comes to creating original advertising campaigns, your company's creative team can use ChatGPT as another source of ideas. Of course, it should be remembered that it is an artificial intelligence that cannot replace human work. Even so, it can help the most artistic professionals to find inspiration from the concepts that the chat suggests. For example, it is possible to ask it for slogans for a specific type of product:

10 usos del ChatGPT aplicados al marketing

Information finder

At this point, you will have already identified that ChatGPT works as a great search engine that finds the information for you and presents it directly to you, but keep in mind that the chat is not a source of data by itself, but a tool to access it.

Customer support

Although GPT Chat cannot attend to a company's customers, it is possible to identify general doubts from users on a specific topic. In other words, you can ask it to list the most frequent questions asked by customers about a product. From there, not only can you get more ideas to create content, but you can also expand the section of your website where you can answer the most common doubts related to your services and products, as well as to your own sector.

It is worth noting that the technology that makes chat work, called GPT-3, is researching to create chatbots for businesses that can perform the function of serving customers directly.

10 usos del ChatGPT aplicados al marketing


Nowadays, personalisation is a fundamental element of an effective marketing strategy, which is why audience segmentation is a growing trend that needs to be taken into account in every campaign and action. In this way, ChatGPT ensures that it can help companies to "analyse data and suggest market segments to target, define criteria for segmentation or generate reports and visualisations to illustrate results".


ChatGPT has the ability to recognise, understand and analyse programming language, making it a useful tool in this area as well. And how exactly can it help? According to its own answer, it is able to "provide solutions to common programming problems, help with debugging and fixing bugs in code or generate code snippets for a specific implementation".

Data analysis and metrics

Finally, ChatGPT can help companies track the results of their marketing campaigns or actions, with the ability to "interpret and explain complex analysis results, generate reports and data visualisations for better understanding, or suggest strategies based on analysis results".

are you ready to discover and take advantage of the possibilities offered by this tool? Go ahead, but remember: use it wisely and strategically.

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