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How to make extraordinary content for the IT sector

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According to neuroscience, the gesture of writing improves people's mood. Thus, we are faced with one of the elements that moves the world: the narrative mind and its written manifestation. Yes, we know that writing is not an arbitrary convention, but the need to use it is associated with each of the actions that we so often carry out: at work, on our mobile phone, at school, and even in the shopping list, if you will. The business world was not going to be less, nor were the ways of buying and selling that have been developed over the years. Writing has echoed its progress, moving from a marketing of attraction to a marketing of attraction.

Now, do you want to know how to create quality content for your technology company? Do you know what are the necessary elements to do it? Our agency specialised in Inbound Marketing, Envisage & Grow, has compiled the main components to achieve it. We present them to you below.

Envisage & Grow: three main elements in IT sector content

Written content is part of our essence, our genes, our inherited history and the heartbeat of the animal that we are. Writing may be easy, but doing it well requires not only effort but also the consideration of three general elements that, when perfectly integrated, can be fused into a content that is characteristic of quality. They are:

  • Purpose. This is the first thing to take into account when creating content for the technology sector. What is the purpose of this? On the one hand, we can focus on increasing the number of visits to our website, and on the other hand, the purpose can respond to the conversion of visits into sales opportunities. In our agency, we start with an adapted and personalised purpose in each of the contents generated.
    Depending on the intention we have with our content, we will do it in one way or another. Blog posts and content generated for the website are freely accessible to anyone, while content offers are aimed at converting visits into sales opportunities. In short, we must define the goals and the way in which the content will be used to achieve them.
  • If you already have the idea about the purpose, the next step is to think about the format of the content. The way to show it can be very diverse: a success story, infographics, a video, a whitepaper, an eBook, templates, research reports, webinars, a to-do list, etc.
    In fact, the format should not be just any choice, but we must take into account the recipient of the content. To do this, it is advisable to ask ourselves the following questions: What is my buyer like? Is he a visual learner? Does he often read content on blogs? The IT sector is a complex field in which visual explanations through infographics can be very positive. Depending on this, we will pay attention to one format or another, as we must not forget that we are trying to show the perfect content to the right person at the right time.
  • Topic: This is the last element, but not the least important. On the contrary, its definition is one of the fundamental pillars of content creation, and sometimes it can even be the most complicated part. When we try to define the topic, we must take into account two main factors: the buyers and the buyer's journey. Depending on these, the topic will be one or the other, and its approach will depend on them.

Extraordinary content in the IT sector

Personalised, tailored and organised content educates our visitors and potential customers, as well as providing an excellent meeting point with them. Content is therefore the energy that keeps the Inbound methodology at work within the IT sector. It is the place through which technology companies manage to transform a complex sector into a place to go to solve our needs and problems. That is why at Envisage & Grow we incorporate the basic elements into each piece of content to make it extraordinary within the technology sector:

  1. Adequate content length. Often, we find preferences for long content, but what is really important is that all the details of the subject we are dealing with are covered. The battle for length moves to the field of mobile devices, where, preferably, shorter content is consumed. However, in Inbound Marketing, content should always provide value, so it is preferable to generate longer and more in-depth texts.
  1. Keywords: Long-tail keywords will help your potential customers to find you, as they will allow you to be positioned in Internet search engines when looking for information. At this point, we must take into account that potential customers do not know your company, and that they will use general words to find a product like yours.
  1. Visual resources: images, videos and infographics, among others, are not essential for quality content. However, on many occasions, visual content has a greater impact on the user. Depending on the type of content we want to generate, we should use some resources or others. When we are going to incorporate visual resources to our content, it is advisable to ask ourselves the following questions and make sure that the answer is yes:
  • do they provide original and quality content that my visitors will identify with?
  • do they adapt to my website?
  • are they aesthetically pleasing?
  • do they complement the text?
  1. Attention to coherence and tone. At this point, spelling should also be taken into account, as posts with numerous mistakes can generate mistrust in users. The order in which we develop the content is essential to maintain coherence and keep the same tone throughout. Otherwise, we will make the reader get lost and not understand what we are trying to explain. The tone will also depend on the type of audience we are addressing, being more serious or more casual.

is my content adding value in the technology sector?

To verify that this is the case, Envisage & Grow continues along the lines of asking a series of questions. The answer to these questions will determine whether the content generated is optimal for our potential customers or not. But, above all, it will be guided at all times by a fundamental idea: what really matters are the people who read you. Thus, we find ourselves with the following questions:

  • how is my content going to help the people who read me?
  • does it help solve a problem or meet a need?
  • do I bring value, a unique and original point of view to my audience?

Envisage & Grow works in the spirit of the Inbound methodology, manifesting itself through content that brings value to IT users, and provoking potential customers to actively seek out content. It's called attraction. Extraordinary content has thus become the content that makes people want to read, share and return. You no longer fight for space, you fight for attention.

Extraordinary content for the IT sector is a challenge. We are here, on the threshold of time. Content is what makes the difference between the success or failure of your strategy.

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