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HubSpot and partner communication: join the community

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what contact methods does HubSpot use to interact with its partner community? Find out!

The Solutions Partner is a programme that includes a multitude of different companies and professionals from all over the world with the same purpose: to boost their growth. Therefore, HubSpot takes advantage of these common interests to create several communication channels that invite interaction between partners. But not only that, it also takes care to keep all its partners informed about news about the programme, the software or HubSpot products. And what are all these methods of contact and help? Let's see them!

HubSpot's means of communicating with its partners

HubSpot has several ways to stay in touch with its partners privately or collectively. Let's first take a look at the five main ones:

  • email: This is the main channel of communication. HubSpot sends two types of emails to its partners. One is part of the monthly newsletter and includes summaries of the latest news, such as the launch of a new product, the announcement of events or the publication of resources. On the other hand, they also send specific emails that are not part of the newsletter about special and specific events.
  • partner News Blog- On this page, HubSpot shares celebratory promotions in the programme's tier structure, as well as posts with helpful resources to learn more about new products, tips and other materials aimed at improving partners' experience with the Solutions Partner Program.
  • program Facebook Group: This private group (in English) includes more than 6,500 employees of HubSpot partner businesses and is used to keep up to date with product and program news, but also to interact with partners and discuss tips, recommendations, strategies, etc.
  • hubSpot Community: Like the Facebook group, this space is exclusively for partners and is conducted in English. It is the ideal place to ask questions, hold discussions with other partners or share content that may be of interest. One of the most common topics is recruitment, but any subject has a place in the Community if it is related to the sector. You can also propose ideas to improve the Solutions Partner Program or access information on new developments.
  • events: These events serve to bring the community together and help members boost their businesses and their knowledge of the HubSpot platform. Depending on the level to which each partner belongs, they will be able to access some events or others.

Update your primary point of contact and approved email domain

The primary point of contact refers to the professional chosen by each partner to receive HubSpot's most important communications, i.e. messages about product launches, invitations to events or alerts about new updates or changes to the programme.

To update it or check that it's OK, log in to your HubSpot portal and click on your account name at the top right, then select "Account and billing" and then "Company information". You can now choose a user in the "Main account contact" box or check if the one that appears is the correct one.

The approved email domain, on the other hand, is the text that appears after the "@" symbol in the email address of each partner's team users. It serves to differentiate core members of a company from external users so that HubSpot will be able to send them communications and assign credits.

All users of a partner account who have the approved domain in their email address will be on HubSpot's distribution list. This will exclude emails with other domains, usually belonging to contractors or third parties. If you have any questions about this, please contact your CAM or CC.

Access the partner resource centre

The resource centre is a HubSpot platform that functions as a library of English-language materials available to partners. You can access this page from your portal by clicking on the "Partner" option in the top menu. There "you'll find some quick links to product documentation, level and benefit guides, and programme sales rules," as HubSpot's course on the programme states. But there is much more content available, which is divided into four categories:

  • training. materials are included to enhance your experience with the programme itself, such as resources on HubSpot products, information on HubSpot Academy, learning plans, etc.
  • sales: All of this material is aimed at optimising your sales process for HubSpot services or products, including rules on this programme topic, information on commissions, etc.
  • services: This content is aimed at facilitating your customer onboarding on the HubSpot portal and boosting the success of your service provision.
  • branding: Here, the material aims to boost your business with the advantages offered by the programme, including promotional guidelines, leadership opportunities, etc.

Create a profile on the Solutions Directory

Another method for a business to get even more involved in the partner community is by registering in the Solutions Directory. More than 100,000 HubSpot customers use this platform to outsource strategies or seek help with issues related to the inbound methodology.

If you register your company by creating a profile, you will allow many customers to find it, increasing its visibility. To do so, you will have to fill in some information, such as basic information, the services and industries your business is dedicated to, the languages you speak, etc. It is important to complete the profile as much as possible, as the Solutions Directory works with filtered searches.

Join Slack groups for the partner community

Slack is an application used to maintain communications between teams, generally of a professional nature. In this sense, HubSpot has two groups in English located on this digital platform that are differentiated by the level of the partners or the interests of each company. Let's take a look at them:

  • solutions Partner main group. This space is perfect for asking questions and answering other partners' doubts in real time. Of course, it also serves to keep up to date with the latest news regarding HubSpot's programme and software.
  • hubSpot Developers Group: This is more specific and exclusive than the previous one, as it is aimed at professionals dedicated to the development of HubSpot integrations. Here they can seek assistance and ask for help from other users.

and that's all! As you have seen, HubSpot has several communication tools that invite partners to interact as a community. In your case, use the options that seem most attractive to you or directly all the ones you can, so you will gradually find the advantages offered by each one.

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