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Usability of web applications: what it is and recommendations

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The most important thing within your ecommerce is that users can easily access your website and that once inside they can have the best possible experience without any complication or difficulty. For this there is web usability, in this post we tell you what it is and what you should do to improve the usability of your site.

what is web usability?

Web usability is a set of techniques that are used within a website so that it is fully optimised for browsing it. These are techniques to make the website easy to use, intuitive and comfortable for the user.

The most important element of a website is its usability, because without it, it would be nothing. A website must be created for the users who are going to use it, so they must be taken into account when designing the website.

There are some basic principles when applying web usability.

  1. Think about the users
    Our website is not created for us, it is created for the users, they are the ones who will visit our page and who will browse it. That is why we have to create it in a structured way. To design it, we have to think like a user who appears for the first time on our website, making everything clear, with a simple menu and avoiding any kind of confusion that may arise.

  2. Colours
    Apart from being a simple website to use, we must make it visually attractive to the user, and for this we have to take into account what colours we are going to use, if we use several colours or various tones, they must be in harmony with each other. There are studies in which you can find out what reactions people have to different colours.

  3. Autonomy
    The user must be autonomous within the website, they must be able to use it without any problem, and above all, without any help. If a user enters the website and does not easily find what they are looking for, they will probably end up leaving the page. So that this does not happen, the content of the website must be intuitive and simple to navigate.

  4. Learning
    If, as we have said in the previous points, we manage to ensure that our website has an intuitive design and is easy to use, the user will take little time to master our website, that is to say, the learning time will be short.

  5. Friendly URLs
    These are those that do not contain strange characters, if these are generated by programming language, they will not be easy for users, but if we create a friendly URL, users will know at all times in which section of the page they are.

  6. Interaction

    This consists of the possibilities for users of a website to interact with the owners of the site and with other users.

    There are different modes of web interaction:

  7. Loading speed
    Loading speed is one of the most significant problems of web usability, it is the main reason for bounce rates, if a user notices that the web page takes a long time to load, he will abandon it to enter another website. Search engines also take loading speed into account when it comes to positioning, punishing websites for not having a good web usability.

  8. Typography
    This is a very important factor in web usability. If the design is simple and intuitive, but the typography is not clear, the user will not be able to understand the menu. The size of the letter and its colours must be in harmony with the rest of the web. In many web pages, typography is not given the importance it should be given, but it is still one of the most important factors.

Advantages of having web usability

  1. Increased productivity: By optimising your website, users will be able to perform several actions at the same time.
  2. You reduce costs: The more intuitive your website is, the more you will save when it comes to optimising it, if users have no problems using it, it will be able to continue as it is.
  3. Increase sales: If your interface is specifically designed to be easy to use, users will have no trouble finding what they want, it will be so easy to follow the steps to the purchase process that they will not be able to resist! It will also be easy any kind of process such as registering, subscribing, contracting a service... In short, optimising the usability of your website will increase your income considerably.
  4. Reduced development: A good development from the beginning means not having to make changes all the time, so thanks to this you reduce development costs.
  5. Customer satisfaction: By having your website optimised, users will be satisfied with its use, so they will want to spend more time on it, which will increase the probability of purchase. And not only that, but customer loyalty is much higher if the design of your website is intuitive and simple when making a purchase. If a user is hesitating between buying from one brand or another online and on the website of one of them saves time and effort, he will choose it without hesitation. That is why web design is so important.
  6. It increases the conversion rate: A new user that appears on our website can do two things, on the one hand they can abandon it for whatever reason, and on the other hand they can become a lead, one of the reasons that will convince the user to become a lead is that the usability of your website is efficient. If it is easy to register or buy, they will do it.
  7. It improves the prestige: The mental image of the brand is very important for our customers and for the brand itself, if users perceive it as a brand that takes care of its customers by facilitating the use of the web, they will trust it. If on the other hand a brand is good but its website is complicated to use, users will leave it annoyed having a bad image of the brand.

After this post, if you were thinking about improving the usability of your website, I hope you have no doubt that doing so is the best possible option, you know, you will attract more people, they will become loyal and your sales will increase, all advantages! Not to mention the savings and increased profits, so do not think twice and optimise the usability of your website.

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