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How to prospect and follow up leads with HubSpot

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Remember this: Your users don't want to be interrupted by commercial messages, calls or emails, so how can you follow up with leads without them feeling harassed?

This is the question we all ask ourselves when we want to get our products and services to a potential audience. The best thing is that long before reaching a prospect you already have a goal in mind (What do you want to get from them? What are you going to offer them? How are you going to help them?) After that, you can follow the 4 fundamental steps of Inbound Selling to follow up on the leads that have shown interest in your content (we will tell you more about them later).

This post is for those who still use different marketing tools, such as SEO, email or social media, separately without a central platform that unifies the results, or for those who still don't know how Inbound Marketing works with HubSpot.

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Track your leads

This is not just any year, 2020 brings a new decade, a turning point in the habits and trends we have. We are businesses and consumers of products and services, we form two sides of the coin and we are in luck, because that means we can know the needs of both.

After Inbound Marketing has become the trendy methodology for many companies, it's time to know how to follow up leads with HubSpot, its platform par excellence:

  1. Make up your mind, are you going to send an email or are you going to call them?

It is important that you are clear about it, but think that if you send them an email, in the end it will be just another email in their inbox, like all the others they receive every day. They will probably take a quick look at it.

However, a phone call can change everything. It is a quick and direct way to reach the prospect and start your first conversation. If you can make them feel comfortable talking to you, you will have won the first battle!

  1. Get their attention, how?

We don't know if you have finally opted for the mail or the phone call, but whatever your choice is, make sure your message is clear and concise. Think about the lead, put yourself in their shoes and attract their attention with something that adapts to what they really need (remember that you have already defined their concerns in the buyer persona).

Think about two things before preparing your message: the reason why you have contacted them and ask for something that is easy and quick to do. In a few sentences you must make it clear that you have something of value that can help them solve a problem, solve a need, and that you are not trying to sell them something at the first time.

  1. Don't throw in the towel at the drop of a hat.

Many times, the lead does not respond to emails or calls, but it is recommended to wait around 96 hours to try again. If there is still no response, do the same process again. (Patience is the mother of science). In this third message you should remember that you have tried to contact them and offer them a little more information.

Give him time to think, make it clear that you have something important and provide him with content from your industry to engage him in a new challenge.

  1. Learn to say Enough!

We know that attracting leads takes effort and that it's annoying not hearing back from them and living in uncertainty. But keep the good stuff. Maybe you weren't meant to meet or you just weren't his better half. This might not even be the best time to talk. So it's important to let him know that you tried to get in touch with him, but since it couldn't be the best time, you didn't want to bother him.

According to HubSpot research, "the breakup email has the highest response rate for many marketers".

Don't get discouraged if you don't manage to contact your leads the first time, it's better to take the time to contact the right person and provide value from the very first moment.

And now, lead prospecting!

If you are persistent, observant, creative and enthusiastic about creating value, you have the skills to prospect your leads with HubSpot. Along with follow-up, it is the art of searching and finding people with the potential to join your channels and become sales opportunities for your company.

Your prospects are also leads from other companies, because nowadays nobody is satisfied with looking at a single portal, a single company or a single service. The user researches, compares and decides. That's why you must remember the 5 keys to follow up:

  1. Create an action plan: How are you going to contact them? What are you going to say to them?
  2. Be the first to respond. Be attentive to your prospects! Be available, give them attention.
  3. Automate your emails and don't go crazy with the time you spend on them.
  4. Educate your customers, keep your promises and, above all...
  5. Measure your results, analyse them and use them to keep improving.

We assure you that perfect follow-up will bring many good things for you, from obtaining specific data that could feed back into your buyer persona parameters, to creating a close link between your brand and the lead. Lay the foundations for loyalty!

Conclusions about prospecting and lead tracking with HubSpot

This platform allows you to manage sales opportunities in a simple and effective way for one reason: "Organise your contacts' data and interactions in an integrated and centralised database, create segmented lists and qualify sales opportunities so that your sales team can prioritise their outreach".

  • With HubSpot, you'll see all your data in a single timeline and stop combining information from different tools that work separately.
  • By having segmented information, you' ll be able to create targeted lists and automate your email marketing campaigns, among other things.
  • You will be able to qualify and prioritise leads automatically.

In this context, Inbound agencies have become the most direct and simple step to start working with this methodology and apply it with your real customers. Tell us all your doubts.

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