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The importance of blogging in a marketing strategy

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It is always said that in order to have a good SEO strategy, one of the most important elements that you should take into account and add to this strategy is a blog within your website. In this post we explain how a blog can help you and what other ways it can benefit you within your marketing strategy, if you still don't have a blog within your website, keep reading!

what is a blog and what is it for?

A blog is basically a digital tool that allows companies and users to be in contact and share information or solve doubts, it is a very important communication channel.

A blog is a tool that can be of great help in the promotion of our brand, as it serves to position our website in the different search engines, since the content that is published in this is the one that will help the buyer to continue during each stage of the sales funnel by resolving their doubts.

In short, the blog has become a fundamental pillar for any marketing or social media strategy, online publications of articles related to the products we sell, are here to stay.

how to attract potential customers thanks to your blog?

Now that we are clear about what a blog is, we are going to give a series of tips that will help to increase the traffic of customers coming to your website.

  1. Create your buyer persona
    The first step before creating a blog is to have your buyer persona very well defined. If you want to create a good content strategy, you will have to be very clear about who you are targeting. If you know what problems and needs your buyer persona has, and you know how to solve them or help them, you should adapt your content to achieve them. You have to create content that adapts to the different types of buyer persona you have defined and also to the different stages of the buying process that they go through and will go through.

  2. Start with planning
    You should always plan the content you are going to publish on your blog, something very important is to create a calendar in which you set what content you are going to upload at what time. This helps above all to meet all your goals and never run out of ideas to continue publishing content. This way you can vary the content depending on the interests that your buyer personas have.

  3. Keyword targeting
    The best way to attract a large amount of traffic is to take care of the keywords that we are going to include in our content. The keywords will not only help us to position ourselves within Google, but will help us to create quality content and help our buyer personas find us more easily.

The importance of the blog in your marketing strategy

The presence of blogs within the website is increasing, there are still many websites that lack it, but these are a small percentage, not having a proper online presence can be a total disadvantage against your competition, taking into account that they are also increasingly digitised.

So, what are the benefits of having a blog?

  1. Generate quality traffic to your website
    Having a blog is the vital tool to get this traffic to your website, the blog should be used to provide added value to users and thus improve the consumer experience. As we have already said, it is also a very important element for positioning, this will be explained in the next point, but it influences because if we are well positioned, we will have much more traffic.

  2. Boost the SEO positioning of your website

    There are two ways in which you can position your website on Google, on the one hand there is SEM positioning, which consists of positioning the page through paid advertisements, which involves investing a certain amount of money but gives immediate results. On the other hand, there is SEO positioning, which involves positioning your page organically and is done by generating valuable content.

    If you want to improve your SEO positioning, having a corporate blog is the best tool by which we can generate the content that will position us in the top positions of Google. For this we must generate a large amount of content and that this is of value, without forgetting to establish a content calendar in which we are constant and have a good defined strategy.

  3. Qualified leads and potential customers

    Thanks to the blog we are attracting traffic to our website, but it is not just any traffic, but quality users, when dealing with a particular topic we are limiting our audience, only people who are interested in our sector will enter, which means that only our potential customers will come to our page.

    The objective of having a blog is to get as many visits as possible to the articles we have published. But this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to convert as many of these visits into leads, it is useless to have 500 visits a day if none of them convert. We need them to perform the actions that interest us.

  4. Increases brand reputation
    This is another of the benefits of having a blog within our website, we will begin to position ourselves as a reference brand within the sector if the content we publish is of quality we will be earning a very good online reputation in the eyes of our potential customers. For this the content should not only be of quality, but relevant to our buyer persona, so it is important to have it well defined.

  5. Create content for your social networks
    Social networks are always an addition to any marketing strategy, within the blog we generate enough content so that users can identify it as useful and share it within their networks, as well as we as a company should also publish within our social networks this content, which will help us to spread our content and convert more leads.

In conclusion, the blog is an indispensable element within your marketing strategy, especially if you want to have a good SEO positioning within Google, do you still not have a well optimised blog within your page? What are you waiting for to get all the benefits it brings you?

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