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christmas is here!

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It's December, it's cold and, most importantly, the Christmas films are starting on Antena3.

We would love to talk about those wonderful films that accompany us on the weekends when we are lying on the sofa, with our blanket, while the Christmas lights light up, as if it were a disco. But we have preferred to dedicate this entry to talk about the commercials that are broadcast in those suspicious six minutes that sometimes turn into ten. Of course, we are not going to talk about just any commercial, but about the Christmas commercials, which is about time.

Here are some of these spots, which in one way or another try to transmit the essence of Christmas. Let the advertising begin!

Let's start with Campofrío, what wonders this brand has left us in recent years, it is impossible not to see again their spot "Despertar", from last year, and not get excited again. And what about 2014? What to say... how they made of such a bad event that marked them, their Christmas campaign and that reached everyone. Ah, and without forgetting Fofito and the CV, we must never lose hope.

2015: "Awakening"

2014: "Bombería"

2013: "Fofito, everyone's curriculum"

By the way, what are you waiting for this year's? We're looking forward to it.

and what about the elegant and lively Christmas spot that Freixenet presented to us last year?

Another of those adverts, products and jingles that we won't forget either, and are always present, is the one for the brand "El Almendro", the nougat that is never missing from your table... and that song that we have all sung or hummed at some time or another "come home for Christmas..." Here is this year's one:

Finally, I would like to remind you that Christmas means love, family, sharing, happiness, peace... take Edu's example and call your families, it doesn't hurt once a year.

Yes, I know... you are missing the Christmas Lottery ads, but we have reserved a special post for those, so you know,stay tuned!


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