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what is reach in advertising?

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Reach means "reach" and in marketing, increasing the reach of a brand is a key element of my business strategy. In advertising, having a good reach is essential to reach a massive audience and be visible, both online and on social networks.

In this post we are going to talk about reach applied to advertising, the concept of Brand reach and how to improve the reach of our advertising campaigns.

Reach applied to advertising

Reach in advertising is a company's way of measuring the level of success an advertising campaign is having. This is discovered by looking at the number of users who have seen the campaign and the impact it is having on them. Therefore, the company wants to know if its advertising campaign is being interesting for the type of audience it is trying to reach.

In advertising, it is important to determine, before launching a campaign, where the audience that is going to be interested in it is, therefore, efforts should not only focus on the development of the campaign, but also on segmenting the audience that is going to see it.

Having a good reach lies in knowing where my potential customers are, and developing campaigns that are eye-catching, interesting and attract their attention. It does not seek to focus so much on the how (although this is also important), but on the who.

Brand Reach Concept

In any marketing strategy, one element that will always appear on the front pages is to increase Brand Reach.

Brand reach is the reach of the brand. To define this term, we must pay special attention to the concept of brand.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of any of these that identifies a company's products and services and differentiates them from competitors.

It is in this concept that the importance of a good advertising reach lies. It no longer focuses only on marketing products, but on selling solutions, experiences and sensations.

It does not seek only to sell a product, but to focus on people's minds. This is where reach plays an important role.

If I have the ability to reach people's minds, my advertising campaigns will be more successful and, therefore, my reach will be greater.

Having mentioned all this, we can define Brand reach as the metric that defines the visibility that we want and/or that the brand is having in different media, both digital and traditional, through different branded content. This branded content in advertising would be the advertising campaigns.

How to improve reach in advertising

To increase the reach of our advertising campaigns it is important to organise a Social Media Marketing Plan. Thanks to this measure we will be able to define where the public is that may be interested in our brand. In addition, it is a tool that can also help us to know the content publication habits or the use of social networks of the users.

At this point, social networks play a very important role. Each social network has its own characteristics, so it is necessary to measure their results regularly. We must pay special attention to the time at which we publish our content. Depending on the response of our audience to the publications we upload, we will decide what to do. To determine this, we will make an analysis to see if it has reached a mass audience. In this way, we will determine the best time to upload our publications.

  • Twitter is a social network where it works better to post in the evening than in the morning.
  • Other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, work better in the late afternoon, especially on Sunday afternoons, as people tend to go to work or school the next day and prefer to stay at home.
  • On LinkedIn, it is more convenient to upload posts on school days, as users are more active on these days than on weekends.

The results of our campaigns should be measured continuously. Each content distribution channel works in a different way, so we should regularly check how our campaigns are being received and if they are reaching the users we want.

Tools for good reach

An essential tool for reach is content. It must be quality content and optimised for SEO. The more content, the more likely it is to go viral, and the more people you can reach who can become potential followers of your brand.

Nowadays, we use so-called "influencers" to promote our advertising campaigns. They are people who are experts on a subject and who have a good online reputation.

People are chosen who have a large number of followers on social networks. In addition, special attention is paid to the users who follow these people. It is important to choose an influencer who has followers who are in tune with our brand and our products.

The reach in advertising is a tool that will define the success of our campaigns. It is very important if we want to attract new users, and will influence the image of our brand. It is necessary to perform regular analytics to measure the reach of our advertising campaigns. Social networks play a very important role. They serve as a channel through which we can distribute campaigns and reach users interested in our products. We hope you liked this post and that it has helped you to know how to define the reach of your campaigns. Thank you very much!

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