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Programmes for creating digital content

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This is one of the most time-consuming and research-intensive tasks. While other areas of marketing are becoming increasingly automated, content still requires time, effort and creativity. We can often draw a blank and there are content creation tools that can help make the content creation process much easier and more successful. They can also speed up the creation process and can help you get fresh information and create content that performs better.

Digital contents are digitised information, developed or acquired with a precise objective of being interchangeable and accessible. They emerged as a response from brands to users' search engine queries with the arrival of the internet and the multiplication of the famous blogs. To create digital contents, there is a methodology that consists of the following:

If you want your digital content to be attractive, you must ensure that it is useful, original, simple, current and responsive. Useful because it must solve a need or satisfy a desire of the user. Original because it must be original and not a copy of others, as well as innovative. Simple, clear and direct because less is more. Remember that a website full of information only alienates users. Current because the digital world is advancing by leaps and bounds and what is a trend today is not tomorrow. It is important to be up to date so that our content generates an impact. Finally, it must have a responsive web design, that is, it must be correctly displayed on all devices such as computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.

There are more and more tools to create digital content: applications to create infographics, to improve your images, professional landing page platforms that are important to know to incorporate into your content marketing strategies. There are several types of very useful and valuable content creation tools that will take your content to another level and they are the following:

Digital content tools: research

1. SurveyMonkey

This tool allows you to conduct customised surveys in order to easily collect data and make decisions on any issue. Surveys can be sent electronically and then study all the data on your computer. Research gives you the possibility to create a lot of digital content such as articles and infographics and to get external links through other sites that are interested in the data.

2. Search by site

This is actually the secret of the Google search engine: search for a keyword on a specific website. All you have to do is enter "site:", the name of the site you want to search and the keywords, for example: " SEO", and you will find the article you are looking for.

Google Keyword Tool

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is very useful to know which are the most interesting topics for your audience. All you have to do is enter a keyword and you will get a lot of related terms and their level of interest (monthly searches). Remember that you will only be able to see all the information if you have an active Google Ads campaign.

Tools for digital content: articles

1. Evernote

This tool allows you to organise and keep up to date all the information you need to create your articles, from to-do lists to links and drafts. We recommend Evernote because it allows you to save all kinds of information in an orderly and accessible way.

2. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

If you're lacking inspiration, this tool can save you. Just type in keywords related to your blog and you'll get seven days of titles and up to 200+ great ideas for your articles.

3. Hubspot Article Templates

Hubspot provides you with a number of templates for different types of articles, such as a tutorial or a list-based post. The great thing is that thanks to the templates you will have the structure of the article and you only have to worry about filling in the content.

Tools for digital content: design

1. Canva

Simple and with an endless number of templates for all types of content. Calm, the interface is super easy to use as it is very intuitive. Also, this tool offers many images and predesigned elements that you can adapt to the standard sizes of websites and social networks. It also includes options to create infographics, reels and presentations.

2. Nimbus Screenshot

This is a screen recording tool that provides an amazing interface, with a platform with a variety of features. This software can record screenshots of the whole screen as well as a specific area of the screen, i.e. you can record only what you are interested in.

3. Google Fonts

This tool is an interactive directory where you can find 923 font families that are free to use and 100% free. You can also download the fonts to a local storage for your personal use. This way, you can include the fonts you want in your projects.

4. Designinspiration

This tool breaks down a catalogue of visual materials. It is very useful to start a professional work of features in colours, shades, etc. Its use is very simple, since you only have to take the brush, choose up to five colours to see a collection of visual ideas that will help you to get inspired.

In digital marketing, content creation is a trend that brings great benefits to brands, as it tends to increase traffic to your website. If you still have no idea what content to create, use the tools above and start your content strategy. We recommend planning your content with the help of a content calendar that you can create with tools like Buffer, Google Drive, Trello, Google Calendar, among others. Planning these will help you not to improvise, save time and be prepared for your strategy to work.

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