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how to get more reach on instagram?

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Social networks have become the daily life of a large part of the population, and are increasingly used within the various online marketing strategies to boost them and get more traffic and thus more reach, but to achieve this you have to work the social media strategy and invest time and effort to bear fruit.

how does social media help my marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is very beneficial because it increases your traffic, which turns into audience within the social network, converting users into interested people, and interested people into potential customers in a very significant way. But how is this achieved? Why is the role of social media important?

  1. Brand building
    First of all, one of the reasons why it is important to have a presence on social networks and include them in our strategy is to keep growing as a brand, and for this you not only have to attract traffic to your profile, you have to satisfy your audience, and for this you have to generate empathy on their part, offering them content that they consider of value, enriching them intellectually and emotionally, creating a positive and strong brand in the minds of consumers.

  2. Web traffic
    If we have a good strategy within the social networks, we will be attracting many visitors who will access our website, thus increasing the visits to our page from the instagram platform itself.

  3. SEO positioning
    Increasing traffic to our website also improves the reputation of our website, as search engines rank our work, i.e. they take into account that if our profile has high traffic, we are providing the audience with quality content, which means that we are working to position ourselves.

  4. Return on investment (ROI)
    Social networks have a great reach as there are thousands of users within them, marketing within them represents a much lower cost than if we compare with other media such as television, which also has a very high traffic but the costs soar a lot. In addition, social networks offer greater segmentation than traditional media, and by having this very specific segmentation we can reach a much more targeted market, aimed at our products, so it is much more likely to end up buying or hiring our services. Which also improves the statistics as a greater number of traffic will end up buying.

That is, using social networks within your marketing strategy is a clear success with which you will not only get much more traffic than you would get with other means, but it will be at a lower cost and you will increase your sales.

are you not achieving your goals within your social media strategy? Do you want to benefit from all these things but your reach is low anyway? Don't worry, we are here to show you how you can adapt to the algorithm to increase the reach of your brand.

The three actions that the algorithm rewards

  1. Link
    To increase the reach of your publications one of the most important elements is the relationship that the algorithm establishes between the user and the content, this is achieved by interacting, that is, if you get users to comment on your publications and comment, they will form a community, which makes it more likely to appear in the feed of users related to the subject or users who comment.

  2. Interest
    The algorithm will suggest what you show interest in, i.e. it will prioritise that content in the feed, and suggest new posts related to the topic.

  3. Timeliness
    how many times have you been angry because someone has been late to meet you? Well, instagram is the same, if you are constant, it will reward you, also, you should look at when you have more audience, if your audience is higher on Thursdays at 15:00, you should be punctual in uploading the content.

So, how do I improve the visibility of my posts?

  1. Be consistent
    If you increase the frequency of your content, you will get instagram to recommend you, and if you also offer your users different types of content, they will reach more people. But it is very important to maintain the frequency when you offer quality content so that users are aware of your brand.

  2. Interact
    This is very important, but even more important is to do it before and after making a publication, commenting on another account or giving likes, this gives us visibility to others, and we will get them to check our feed, thus seeing what we have just published. It also helps us that others see in us that reciprocity of being able to give us mutual visibility, apart from the ability to recognise quality content.

  3. Stories
    It is about complementing your profile with stories that represent your brand, don't forget that they have to have the same appearance as your feed so as not to lose that brand image, thanks to these stories you can get users to go into your profile, thus seeing your latest publications.

  4. More faces than objects
    We don't say it, statistics say it, photographs that show faces have 40% more likes than those that only contain objects or landscapes, you will attract more attention to users if your publications contain faces, so when you want to show your product, add a person who is using it, you will transmit much more with a person riding a bicycle than with a bicycle.

  5. Reinvent yourself
    You must be aware of new trends and move with them, maybe one day you decide to use a strategy that doesn't work for you, and the next day it pays off, don't discard it! It is important, as we said before, to know who you are targeting, so you know what content they really want to see and what is trending at that moment.

In short, getting a good reach on instagram is not difficult, you just have to make a little effort and give your followers what they want to see, don't wait any longer and optimise your social media strategy.

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