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Organic search vs paid search marketing seo

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If you have an online business, the words SEO and SEM will be the order of the day within your digital marketing strategy. Most of the traffic that moves on the internet comes from search engines, users make queries about the information that interests them. So improving positioning has become the main objective for ecommerce. To achieve this there are two very different tools, on the one hand we have SEO positioning and on the other SEM positioning.

have you still not decided which one is better for your business? You are in the right post, here we will show you the differences between one and the other and everything you need to know to choose one or the other.

what is organic positioning?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and corresponds to the natural or organic results that appear when searching on the internet. In other words, SEO consists of all those links that appear in the first positions of a search engine after the sponsored ads, if there are any. SEO positioning consists of a set of techniques focused on getting a website to be as high as possible when a user performs a search on Google.

how is this positioning achieved?

To appear at the top of the search engines we are at the mercy of the google algorithm, which is a mathematical formula that positions millions of web pages every second. Although it is not yet known with certainty what this formula is, there are several keys that have a great impact on web positioning. So to achieve a good SEO positioning there are many specialists in this area of marketing that can help you attract more traffic to your website.

The main problem with organic positioning is the high competitiveness that exists on the internet and that every day is increasing, so every time companies are looking for how to achieve a good organic positioning without having to invest in advertising. But this does not mean that with organic positioning nothing is invested, it is invested in time and effort to achieve the same as SEM without paying.

Here is a list of tips on how to position yourself without paid advertising:

  1. Study your buyer persona
    The first step to have a good organic positioning is to know who you are targeting, if you know what information your audience likes to consume, you will know what content to create to attract them. If you discover what needs they want to satisfy, you will become the solution to their problems. To find out what your target audience is looking for, there are several free tools such as google trends or google keyword tool.

  2. Create valuable content
    If the content you create on your website is of quality, what you will be achieving is that once the user has entered your website, they will not want to leave. If they find what they are looking for, you will be generating trust in your brand. On the other hand, Google rewards good content when it comes to SEO positioning.

  3. Plan
    You must have a plan for everything, setting goals is always a good idea, but these must be clear and above all measurable. For content creation it is important to have a calendar in which you know what content you are going to publish and when you are going to publish it. This will make it easier for you to carry out your SEO strategy.

  4. Have allies
    A good way to increase the number of visits to your page and thus improve your positioning are links, if you get authority blogs to link to you, you will rise in the search engines at breakneck speed.

what is SEM positioning?

SEM positioning seeks the same results as SEO positioning, to be at the top of Google's search engine results, the difference is how to achieve it. This traffic is not organic, but paid, which means that it requires a commercial transaction to be put into action.

Your website will appear at the top of google as an advert, this may seem unattainable for small businesses, but it is not as expensive as it sounds.

Setting up an SEM campaign is very simple and within the reach of any company, especially because it can be customised, i.e. as a company you decide the duration and the cost, your investment will be controlled.

Google says that paid ads take between 20% and 30% of the traffic, so it is an investment that will not only position you instantly, but will also guarantee you that user traffic.

But then, which one should I choose?

This is the big question, which of the two positioning is better for my marketing strategy, not investing money but time or the other way around? Read on and we will solve all your doubts.

There really is no absolute answer to this question, depending on your company, your needs and your objectives, one positioning or the other will be better, so come and see the advantages of each one and decide for yourself.

  1. Time
    If what you need based on your objectives is to position yourself in the shortest time possible, your option will be SEM positioning, this will help you to position yourself in the first positions from the first moment you invest in the campaign. You will not have to wait months for your efforts to bear fruit. But if on the other hand, you have time that you can dedicate to your strategy, make an effort, dedicate yourself to it and you will achieve by your own means to position yourself in the first positions of Google.

  2. Credibility and trust

    Organic positioning has an advantage over paid positioning, and that is that putting effort into your strategy to the point of getting a good position in google by your own means, makes users believe in you more than in a company that has decided to pay without any effort and is the first regardless of its content.

  3. Increased traffic
    If you need a lot of traffic to your website, paid SEO ensures that you will get it, it is a good strategy if you are just starting out because you will be able to make yourself known, if you are using SEO, you can also get that traffic, but it is not such a sure thing.

  4. Money
    If you have a low budget, SEM positioning can get out of hand, it is true that by controlling the strategy you can stop paying at any time, but at that moment you will no longer be among the first positions.

  5. Long term
    If we focus on a long-term strategy, the clear option is SEO positioning, it takes much longer than with SEM to be in the same place, but once we have achieved it, we will remain in that position for as long as we continue to optimise our website. On the other hand, paid positioning makes us disappear as soon as we stop paying.

All this does not mean that you should choose only one strategy for your online business, it is also applicable to use both strategies, you can combine them to optimise your positioning in search engines to the maximum. With this information you will already know perfectly which positioning suits your business best, so do not wait any longer and get to work with the positioning of your website.

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