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why is organic search more profitable than paid search?

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Organic search refers to all those search results that appear in search engines naturally, i.e. without the use of paid advertising. Organic search results are organised according to their relevance to the keyword or keyword that the user has typed into Google or another search engine. Now we tell you a lot more about it.

what is the difference between organic and paid search?

Organic search differs from paid search results in that in the latter its ranking depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay. Paid traffic is also known as direct traffic or direct marketing.

An example of organic search is the result that is presented in any search engine when a user types a text string and tries to search for something on the Internet. Not to be confused with paid results, these are the ones that appear at the top and have a small word, i.e. "ad", next to the first results to identify these as ads that are presented before the results, not paid, i.e. they are the ones considered organic.

¿Por qué la búsqueda orgánica es más rentable que la pagada?

how to achieve a good natural positioning?

The main objective of natural positioning is to reach the first positions of search results without using advertising systems, such as pay-per-click ads through tools like Google Adwords. However, the problem faced by this technique is the high and increasing competition that is looking for the same thing as you. Therefore, the key question is: how can we achieve a good positioning without resorting to advertising?

There is no exact formula that tells us, step by step, how to appear in the best positions. However, experience does show us some clear clues on how to achieve the natural positioning of our blog or our website:

  1. Create the best possible content: original, quality, frequently updated and with added value for the user.
  2. Take care of the navigability of our site, which means having a website that is optimally structured to offer the best browsing experience to the user, that is fast and has clear menus where it is easy to search for any information .
  3. Implement a good linkbuilding strategy, that is, the strategy that consists of placing internal links to other parts of our blog and also external links, so that the user spends more time browsing our website.

Benefits of using pay-per-click positioning (ppc)

Paid ads allow your site to appear in search results when users enter certain keywords. Among the benefits of this type of investment are the following:

  • Fast results: unlike organic positioning campaigns, which can take time to improve in the search results, with this type of strategy you will be able to position your page in the first places once you have paid for the ads and advertising.
  • Segmentation: it is possible to segment this type of campaign to reach a specific audience that fits your objectives.
  • Click-through rate: you can achieve a good click-through rate and a higher conversion rate, as people searching for a particular brand or product generally have a higher purchase intent.
  • Impressive ROI: every paid search campaign is different, but most companies get an average return on investment of around $2 for every $1 invested. It is well known that paid advertising generates a high ROI, so it is easy for companies and marketers to choose this strategy. Using paid search across multiple channels, such as social media or geofencing, can contribute to a company's bottom line and promote long-term growth.
  • Keyword data: online advertising provides useful information about users, such as their location, age or keyword preference. This information can help create a robust marketing approach, and keyword data can contribute to a company's SEO strategy. Keyword data can help create new content that targets users' keyword preferences and can increase organic rankings for high-value keywords.

¿Por qué la búsqueda orgánica es más rentable que la pagada?

In conclusion, although we opt for organic search, you should know how to complement the organic technique with paid search. Also, if you want your website to rank high in the search engines, implement paid search for searches related to your website. Also, develop good techniques to improve the organic ranking of your site. Putting these two techniques together will surely get you excellent results when it comes to marketing your business.

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