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Link Building: fundamental to any SEO strategy

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the set of techniques that are applied to a website to improve its search positioning and its visibility in the search engines of the main browsers.

Positioning your website ensures that when a user does a search, if your website has the keywords that the user is looking for, it should appear among the first results in the browser. The different websites that have indexed that keyword will appear in the list of browser results.

Among these techniques whose main objective is to improve the positioning of a web page, we can mention Link Building. A successful link building campaign can guarantee the success of our SEO positioning.

It is necessary to know how to develop this technique in order to obtain greater visibility and increase traffic to our website. But what exactly does this technique consist of? We will tell you about it in a moment.

what is Link Building?

Link Building is one of the techniques within SEO positioning that seeks to increase the visibility and traffic of your website through external links on other web pages. This means that your website will be linked on other web pages outside your company, which will generate more traffic and increase the visibility of your website and, therefore, your SEO positioning.

The company must develop a strategic linkbuilding campaign and implement a series of actions to achieve these objectives. These external links are also known as backlinks, which, as we have already mentioned, is a link that is placed on an external site and redirects the user to a page on our website.

It is important that the links that are placed on external websites are quality links, which means that it is not enough to include links on other websites, but that these links must redirect the user to a page of your website that will give relevance or authority to your brand.

Keys to a successful linkbuilding strategy

  1. Look for links on sites with a similar theme

Searching for links that come from pages with a similar or similar theme to your website is a very important practice. The users that will come from those pages or websites will be users that consume or are interested in a similar theme to your content. This is a very useful tool to get potential customers.

  1. Attract referral traffic to your website

The first step is to get users to jump to your website through quality links, but if the traffic you attract to your site is relevant, you will meet many of your marketing objectives.

Valuable, qualified traffic is traffic that is made up of users who are clear about what they like and what they are interested in. As well as being an essential tool for getting leads, you can also increase the visibility of your brand and generate more traffic.

Users who end up having a good experience on your website will recommend your pages to other users, and they are people who usually don't mince words when it comes to leaving comments and giving their opinion about your products and services.

Your goal as a brand is to offer the best user experience so that they will come back to your website.

  1. Establish relationships

Linkbuilding is an amazing strategy to establish relationships with potential customers, but also with other brands or websites. Keep in mind that including links to other websites within your web pages will improve your relationship with those brands you include in your content.

It is an ally strategy, so to speak, and it benefits both companies. If you include external links to my website, I will also include external links to yours. It is a collaboration of interest between different parties.

The best of all is that developing this strategy does not involve any cost for either brand, so you can include as many links as you want and whenever you want.

Mistakes when linkbuilding

  1. Repeating the same anchor text

The anchor text is the text in which the backlink or external link is included. It usually has a distinctive colour, which gives it that link character, and in the vast majority of cases it is underlined.

It is important not to repeat the same anchor text for a link too many times, as this is a clear invitation for Google to penalise you. In addition, this also denotes a lack of originality in your content, and takes away the naturalness of your website. It is best to establish different anchor texts so that there is no repetition in the content and everything becomes monotonous, even if it is the same link in all cases.

  1. Poor quality backlinks

You have to be very careful with backlinks that come from unreliable websites. Normally, these websites are not very well rated, and in many cases behave negatively in the eyes of search engines such as Google.

They tend to be sites where there is not much content, the vast majority of their content is linked or considered spammy. Not only do they lose credibility and authority for your website, but they can also negatively impact your online reputation.

  1. Links on websites unrelated to your subject matter

External links that come from unrelated websites can, in most cases, negatively affect your linkbuilding strategy. Usually, the traffic that comes from these websites has nothing to do with your buyer persona, so the chances of these users becoming potential customers or leads are very low. In addition, if Google does not find a relationship in the content of both sites, it can be considered as an unnatural link.

Including the linkbuilding technique in your marketing strategies is very important if you want to increase the visibility and traffic of your website. You can take this post as a guide to carry out this strategy effectively.

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