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Features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with HubSpot

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are you unsure which CRM you want to choose for your business?

The CRM or content management system you use can be the difference between the success or failure of your business. At the end of the day, it is this CRM that helps you present your company to your audience, and tells you what you are doing wrong and what you need to improve.

Your website should have the best tools and features on the market, as it will be your company's showcase for your potential customers. However, there are so many content management systems out there that choosing one that meets all the features you demand can become a complex task.

Today we want to make it easy for you, and we bring you one of the best content management tools: the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HubSpot. This integration combines and offers the functionalities of two of the biggest CRMs on the market, so it includes several advantages for businesses that use it.

Stay to discover what these features are and the advantages they can bring to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HubSpot: key features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (which replaces the previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV) is a combined CRM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product, specifically designed for customer engagement. In addition to a customer data platform, it offers tools for sales, marketing, services, commerce, supply chain, human resources, finance and project management.

HubSpot is a CRM platform that brings together all the software, integrations and resources you need to connect Marketing, Sales, Content Management and Customer Service. Each functionality and product of the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

When integrating the two platforms, HubSpot and Dynamics 365 functionality can partially overlap, giving organisations the opportunity to work with the best of both tools.

Features of integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with HubSpot

The CRM of your business will be crucial to increase sales in your company. It must simplify all the internal processes of the organisation, guide you in the conquest of higher revenues and accompany you in the growth of your business. The functionalities that combine the CRM of HubSpot and Dynamics 365 can help you achieve all these objectives:

  • Robustness and functionality

HubSpot's CRM combines a high-quality user experience with highly functional business tools. Sales Hub provides contact management tools, analytics, sales interaction and automation, pipeline management, configuration tools, pricing and quoting (CPQ) and much more. What's more, it has earned the trust of thousands of growing B2B companies, enterprise brands and unicorn startups with high growth potential.

Dynamics enables sales process management (lead management, forecasting, configuration tools, pricing and budgeting, etc.) through a diverse range of products with significant capabilities for all types of businesses, but add-ons are required to access LinkedIn Sales Navigator features and contextual information (pipeline forecasting, email interaction, predictive scoring, relationship analytics and more).

HubSpot and Dynamics provide advanced sales tools for growing sales teams.

  • Usability

HubSpot consistently ranks at the top of CRM and B2B systems due to its ease of use, and its implementation in sales teams is often seen as a key advantage among HubSpot users. And HubSpot's high-quality data, coupled with powerful reporting and automation features, gives leaders a more complete view of the state of their business.

Dynamics provides advanced reporting functionality that is highly customisable; however, implementing this customisation takes time and requires training, but once you master Dynamics or hire an administrator, you can create efficient, customisable tools that help you improve your sales processes.

Both HubSpot and Dynamics provide powerful tools for sales teams, but what good is a powerful tool if it takes months to learn how to use it? To be truly exceptional, a CRM must be easy for everyone to use.

  • All-in-one platform

HubSpot built the CRM and the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and Service Hub modules from the ground up, the end result is a robust and consistent user experience where individual data, reports and tools work in sync.

Dynamics offers more marketing, sales, customer service, field service and other products, but its extensibility requires more maintenance and a slower learning curve. Because they share the same platform, if you already use Microsoft 365 Power, Dynamics will fit you like a glove. For example, an integration with Outlook allows users to manage their emails, appointments, tasks and contacts in one place.

HubSpot and Dynamics are integrated platforms that provide a complete CRM with all the sales, marketing, customer service and other tools your teams need. The integration of tools improves team collaboration and creates a consistent customer experience.

  • Expansion and customisation

HubSpot offers support and easy-to-use solutions to help companies go to market, and provides a custom data structure for the CRM with custom objects, making it as simple as possible to implement customisation. HubSpot's ease of use provides the flexibility to change and modify instances over time, customising and adding more complex functionality to the system as the company grows.

Dynamics provides a high level of customisation for structured and sophisticated organisations. With tools such as Flow and PowerApps, it can help your company meet its most complex demands, especially in the manufacturing sector. However, these tools are not included in the base price and must be purchased separately.

HubSpot and Dynamics provide all the power that growing businesses are looking for; those that require a CRM that grows with their needs, and this is where flexibility and control over customisation becomes critical to ensure that the system adapts to the business processes.

  • Ecosystems

More than 500 solutions are available in the HubSpot App Marketplace, including native applications (those developed specifically for HubSpot systems) and third-party integrations, with no distinction between them in terms of potential, quality, ease of installation, configuration and use.

The Dynamics connector library allows hundreds of tools to be integrated into the Dynamics 365 platform, connected within OfficeSuite or even used in third-party applications. In addition, flowsheets allow the simultaneous execution of two or more applications to complete a given process.

Both HubSpot and Dynamics provide a consolidated ecosystem of applications with high-quality complementary functions, programming interfaces and development tools that optimise your company's CRM.

Advantages of integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with HubSpot

After seeing all the functionalities of the integration of both platforms, we can say that the main advantages of this integration are the following:

  • Maintenance of data consistency across different platforms.
  • Greater transparency by keeping customer data centralised as much as possible.
  • Improved sales productivity and more segmented marketing actions by sharing information between marketing, sales and services.

Easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with HubSpot

do you want to integrate Dynamics with HubSpot but don't know where to start?

occam to the rescue! At Occam, we specialise in inbound marketing, software development, mobile applications and much more, so today we're here to help you with everything you need, and if you need to integrate these two platforms we're happy to help you do it.

Just get in touch with us and we'll get to work!

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