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how to create a product page on linkedin?

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Among the different types of pages offered by the LinkedIn social network, product pages are a useful tool for companies, especially for those with different products, product lines, or very diverse audiences.

What is a product page

A product page is one of the properties that can be created on LinkedIn. It provides information about the company in a small and direct way and is used to highlight and publicise a product line for the company. It is not, therefore , the general page of a company, but an extension of it that is useful for promoting content from other LinkedIn pages of the same company.

Several product pages can be created, which is appropriate if the company wants to segment them according to the different product lines, or by separating their targets or buyer personas. In other words, each company can use the product page function to organise its profile on this social network in the way that suits it best, although the tools and tabs will be the same in all cases.

The tabs available on a product page are

  • Home: Where you can see the updates of your product page
  • About: More information about the product page
  • Ads

This is one of the few differences from a general company page, where you will also find the tabs for Jobs, People and Information. You cannot associate employees from scratch to the product page, they must be associated to the general company page.

In this way, a company page is typically used to provide news and updates about the company itself, and the product page is used to publish content specific to each business unit, product line, buyer persona or whatever the purpose for which the product page has been created.

How to create a product page

Linkedin página de productos

To create a product page, as this is an extension of the company page, you must log in as an administrator. In the top right corner, select the ADMINISTRATOR TOOLS tab and, from all the options displayed, select CREATE A PRODUCT PAGE .

Next, a small tab will open where we will have to indicate the name of the page, as well as the public URL that will appear on Linkedin. Once this information has been completed, the "Create page" button will be available.

Crear página de productos en Linkedin

now all that remains is to configure the page itself. Among the general options common to all pages, the cover image (horizontal and rectangular) and a profile image must be configured, which is usually the company logo, as on the main page. In addition, a slogan, a brief description or a catchy phrase about the page must be written.

Now, you just need to start adding content about the chosen subject of your product page.

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