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Landing page: What is it and what benefits can it bring to my strategy?

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Regardless of the marketing strategy you are implementing, they all have a common element, and that is that they include a landing page. This element ensures that the visits you receive on your website can be converted into potential subscribers or customers. Below, we will explain what a landing page is, the main types, and the benefits that these landing pages can bring to your business.

what is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that is created with the objective of converting website visitors into leads. Conversion is the process by which we get the person who has clicked on your website to perform an action that will have a measurable value for our business.

This action is what will convert the visitor into a lead and can take different forms, whether it is the direct sale of a product, a form, a request for information or the download of a guide.

These landing pages can be accessed in different ways, such as through a link on your social networks or an advertisement on a website.

why are landing pages so important to my strategy?

The answer to this question is very simple, and is that these landing pages can provide what we propose at first in our strategy: results.

Within this approach, the conversion rate plays an important role. It is a mathematical formula that is calculated by dividing the number of conversions of the page by the number of visitors. In conclusion, it is the percentage of people who perform a specific action on your website.

The landing page is therefore a tool that also guarantees the optimisation of the conversion rate.

A well designed landing page will allow the conversion rate to be much higher than on any other website. It is not uncommon to find cases where, thanks to these pages, the user traffic and conversion rate has increased 5 or 10 times more.

Types of landing pages

Depending on your website, there are different types of landing pages, but we are going to divide them into the 5 most common ones:

  • Click - through.

These are the most basic landing pages. They are mainly used to try to convince the user to buy a certain product. They are usually inserted in the web pages in the form of a short description that invites the user to learn more about your product by clicking on a button.

  • Viral landing page

This type of landing page is most commonly found on social networks. They use tools such as videos or games with the intention of creating curiosity in the user about a product or service and arouse their interest. It is a digital marketing tool that is gaining a lot of ground, and has become one of the most powerful nowadays.

  • Lead capture

Pages that aim to capture leads through the collection of information that is usually collected in forms that the user accesses through your page. It is intended to capture their attention by including different products on the page, whether it is a free e-book or a discount coupon.

  • Microsite

This type of landing page is not integrated into the website of our business, but is a separate page that is oriented to the sale of a particular product. It is exceptional because it has a much higher conversion rate and lead generation than other types of landing pages.

  • Thank you pages

Once the user has made a purchase and has become a lead, we incorporate thank you pages on our website. These pages are very important to build loyalty with your potential customer, and strengthen the bond between your company and your leads.

6 benefits a landing page can bring to your strategy

  1. High conversion rate

Landing pages are mainly focused on increasing the conversion rate of your business. If we design a landing page correctly this will guarantee a higher conversion rate, which will increase the number of leads for your business.

  1. Cost savings

These landing pages have a high success rate. If we add this to the fact that they are much cheaper than a complete website, we are getting customers in an effective way with quite balanced costs. This does not imply that we should not pay special attention to the correct organisation and design of our landing page.

  1. Good user experience

As it is such a well structured and organised website, the user experience is usually quite good, so we leave the lead quite satisfied. This fact will influence the user to buy our products again, and will also leave good evaluations about our business. A satisfied customer can result in potential customers interested in our products.

  1. Reliable statistics

This point is very important, because it is the one that has to do with data. In landing pages it is easier to collect data on the number of visitors to our page and how many of those visitors became leads. This feature will allow a much more reliable analysis of our marketing campaigns. In addition, it will contribute to our company to have a better idea of how is the segmentation of our target audience. You have full control of the results of your business.

  1. Reuse

A landing page can be used for different marketing campaigns, meaning that we can use the page for different services or products that we can offer, simply by making small structural changes and adapting it to our new campaign.

  1. SEO tool

Having a landing page is a great SEO tool. We usually use keywords that will have a very positive impact on our SEO, as this will guarantee a very advantageous positioning for our website.

As we can see, inserting a landing page in your business strategy is easy, economical and brings with it many advantages. Although you must be constant and organise the landing page in a way that it can attract several leads, taking advantage of the use of these pages will contribute significantly to the growth of your business. And you, what are you waiting for to start using these landing pages?

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